Tips if You Find The Capo Hard to Squeeze

August 11, 2015


The Thalia Capo's unique, patented design is a complete rethinking of the guitar capo. It differs from other trigger style capos because its trigger action is actually reversed, with its lever arm turned around by 180 degrees. This means that you can squeeze the capo with your fretting hand in its natural position on the neck. As a bonus, this new design makes it easy for you to slide the capo up and down the neck while playing, expanding your creative playing possibilities.  We have also gone to great lengths to design a capo that will not take your guitar out of tune.  Our interchangeable fretpads allow you to match your fretboard radius and our teflon-infused fretpads ensure that the capo doesn't pull your guitar out of tune.


The vast majority of users have no problem squeezing the Thalia Capo.  However, some may find it difficult to apply with one hand.  The following video shows how to easily apply the capo to the neck with 2 hands, at which point you should be able to move it around with just one.

Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley


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