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AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & 4XXX Bass Engraving

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Show off your phone in style with a hand-made AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & 4XXX Bass Engraved Protective Phone Case made by Thalia in California.

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White Falcon

Very pleased. This case looks great and gets lots of attention. Quality is fantastic. I highly recommend.

Delighted with Gibson ES335 iPhone Case

Santos Rosewood & Gibson ES Hawaiian Koa Inlaid Guitar iPhone Case.
Very happy with my new case for my phone, it looks amazing and fits perfectly.
No issues with shipping to UK and didn’t take long at all.

Phone case

I bought this for my iPhone X(R) and it fits perfectly. Works perfectly with my magnetic charger and the rubberised edges protect it well and absorb the shock of dropping it. The bonus is the wood I pay. Very well made with no spaces around the edges of the insert. It is beautiful piece of wood and comes up brilliantly with wipe of Ernie Ball fretboard conditioner.
A thing of beauty that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Great Cases. Love the wood!

These are really the best and prettiest cases available.... As a wood lover, the Rosewood backing looks great. There is no comparison to any other case out there! I just updated my phone (again), so time to order another one :)

Incredibly beautiful case

A friend of mine commented "I've seen wooden phone cases before but this one takes it to the next level". I love the case. It is unique and wonderfully crafted. I am really pleased with it and it is exactly what I had hoped it would be. With phone cases, there is always the balance between protection and bulkiness. Previously, I had an Otterbox and while it offered great protection, it was very bulky. This case offers some protection but, on the scale of "thin and sleek verses protection", errs towards thin and sleek. I bought the case for the beauty not so much for the protection but it does offer some protection. Having said that, it has a ridged, textured side that makes it really easy to grip which should make drops less likely. I like that very much. In summary, this is an incredibly beautiful, unique case and I love it. If you are a construction worker or a chronic phone dropper, it may not offer enough protection for you. However, the textured sides are likely to make drops less common.