AAA Grade Curly Hawaiian Koa


AAA Grade Curly Hawaiian Koa

Metal Finish
Black Chrome
24K Gold
Brushed Black
Koa Color
Vintage Blonde
Kentucky Bourbon

AAA Grade Hawaiian Koa

Our new super curly koa is a master grade Hawaiian Koa that was salvaged from the slopes of Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Amazing flames and figuring!  Just wow is all we can say!

All Hawaiian Koa products made by Thalia come with our Hawaiian Koa Reforestation Commitment.  $5 from the sale of each Capo or Phone Case goes directly towards planting and maintaining new Koa trees in Hawaii.

We offer this koa in two different stained colors:  Vintage Blonde & Kentucky Bourbon

By staining this amazing curly koa, we are creating close matches to other woods found in fine guitars.  We hope you choose our curly koa and help us in our sustainability mission.


When sunlight or any direct lighting source hits this curly koa it glows. Shown from left to right:  Kentucky Bourbon & Vintage Blonde.


Without any direct light this Curly Koa takes on a darker appearance.  Shown from left to right: Kentucky Bourbon & Vintage Blonde.


Sometimes video is the only way to see the true magic of this wood.  Here it is in all of its glory.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4799 reviews
Best and most beautiful capo I’ve ever had

This is hands down the best capo I’ve ever had. The fact that it comes with a bunch of fret pads is awesome because I can get the perfect tension and it doesn’t throw my guitar out of tune. It’s also absolutely stunning and I’ve received tons of compliments on it. The only reason why I left a four star review is because the dragon scale pattern is starting to wear off on the corner of the inlay. When I bought it I was under the impression that the pattern was actually etched into the shell, but it’s printed on top. Still a great capo though!

Incredible Capo

I LOVE my Thalia capo! I was so surprised at not only how beautiful it is, but also how easy it is to use. I really enjoy how much easier to use and move along the neck than my other capos, and i really get a much better cleaner tone with it as well. Was it more expensive,…. yes. But was it worth it,….. absolutely!

Great Capo!

This is my 4th Thalia Capo because they are so functional and adaptable to whatever guitar I use. I just love the Lemon Yellow and was thrilled to see this offered. Great job in creating this beautiful capo that adds to the beauty of the guitar.

Fantastic Capo!

Everything about this experience was highly favorable. The container and packaging was fresh and professional, the craftsmanship is simply phenomenal, and the usability is intuitive and straight forward. I love being able to quickly and easily adjust the position of the capo, and certainly appreciate the variety of fretpads that come with it. What a great way to customize your guitar experience. It goes great whether it's on my modern-day Breedlove or my grandpa's old Gibson. I would highly recommend this to anyone that doesn't want another boring capo with marginal usability.

Beautiful and highly functional capo!

Recently received this and couldn’t be happier. Looks great, works great even on a 12 string. Thalia’s customer service is also absolutely top notch.

Fretboard Radius Guide By Guitar Make & Model

To achieve a perfect fit, the Thalia Capo comes with multiple interchangable fretpads so that you can match the fretboard radius of your specific instrument. The following table lists common fretboard radii used by major manufacturer.  If you do not find your specific brand and model below you can Google your guitar make/model plus the words "fretboard radius"; if that doesn't work you can use the manual method which is described here 

Please Note:  12-String & 8-String Guitars should use our High Tension OctaveTouch fretpads to get the best performance.  Standard Tension and High Tension Rubber fretpads are included with every capo.  Our Teflon fretpads will likely not work on instruments with octave strings. size chart guide fret board



NOTE:  This data has been collected from a wide range of sources and has not been completely verified for accuracy.  If you discover that any of this data is wrong or have additional brands/models to add to our database please send us an email to  Thank you for your help!