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Gorgeous, highly functional product.

When the stunning aesthetics of these capos is actually matched by their functionality and usefulness, you know you have a real winning product on your hands. I ordered mine with a matching truss rod cover, and I’m thrilled with the results!

Perfect style & outlook, Slight disappointment on function

Honestly the best looking Capo I had ever seen in my life. Great design and fits my guitar just fine.
Also extremely considerate from the Thalia team to have all different fretboard curve's rubber for different customer's need.
One thing to reflect is that I am quite disappointed while I chose the right rubber, clipped the capo on the neck of my guitar according to the menu and the first note I played was blurred since the capo didn't press hard enough itself (I had already fully set up my guitar in advance).
I had to clip the Capo very very close to my guitar fret in order for it to do it's job, however as a result my fingers felt it blocked by a wall, tough experience in this case ( Clipped at 3 and I was playing at 4) since it is too close to where you are playing.
Overall I still recommend to purchase this very pretty product if you do chords, busking, performance level playing. But not so sure for fingerstyle player.

The only capo I’ll ever need

Thalia delivers on everything they say. I used a Jim Dunlop capo for over 10 years, and was a little nervous to let it go and upgrade to a Thalia - needless to say, I’m writing this review because I don’t know that I’ll ever use another capo ever again. I purchased two Thalia’s (Mother of Pearl, also in gold) so I could have some versatility and multiple for my collection of guitars. The dove instantly caught my attention - it matches a tattoo I have and has been a bit of a personal brand for me, so I had to get it. The capo is so well made - durable and weighty, and truly fits perfectly on my Taylor with the suppression pads. The guitar doesn’t hum, and it’s so satisfying to move it up and down the fretboard with ease. Whether you’re a long term user of capos or getting into using them - you will not be disappointed with a Thalia.

I also had to mention their customer service team. I purchased my capo over the holidays, and the Thalia team were incredibly transparent and communicative with me and my shipment since they were swamped with orders. I was patient, but still appreciated them communicating with me on the status of my order. It’s clear they care about their productive and their customers.

Beautiful capo!

This is my 2nd capo from Thalia. My 1st one works perfectly but doesn't match my new guitar! This one solves that problem and is just as beautiful and well-made. Thanks, Thalia!

Emerald Green Capo

Really love the emerald green colored Thalia capo on my Taylor 814 CE

Fretboard Radius Guide By Guitar Make & Model

To achieve a perfect fit, the Thalia Capo comes with multiple interchangable fretpads so that you can match the fretboard radius of your specific instrument. The following table lists common fretboard radii used by major manufacturer.  If you do not find your specific brand and model below you can Google your guitar make/model plus the words "fretboard radius"; if that doesn't work you can use the manual method which is described here 

Please Note:  12-String & 8-String Guitars should use our High Tension OctaveTouch fretpads to get the best performance.  Standard Tension and High Tension Rubber fretpads are included with every capo.  Our Teflon fretpads will likely not work on instruments with octave strings. size chart guide fret board



NOTE:  This data has been collected from a wide range of sources and has not been completely verified for accuracy.  If you discover that any of this data is wrong or have additional brands/models to add to our database please send us an email to  Thank you for your help!