Leather Phone Wallet

Flying Dragon Engraving

Leather Phone Wallet

Flying Dragon Engraving

Made of Genuine Leather, our Phone Wallets pair perfectly with our phone cases (or your current case) to give you room to store a credit card and ID, business cards, etc. This beautiful wallet includes an exotic wood inlay with a Flying Dragon Engraving.

Exotic Wood
AAA Curly Koa
Santos Rosewood

Customer Reviews

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Gibson logo with curly Koa.

I am delightfully pleased with the quality of my Thalia iPhone 11 case. The craftsmanship is what I would come to expect from my favorite guitar brand! Thank you so much!

Koa iPhone Case

I wanted an iPhone case to match my new Martin SC-13E acoustic guitar. Thalia didn't disappoint. I have made a lot of ink pens from curly koa, so I know how beautiful it is. The wood selected for my case has a lot of character. I am a very happy customer.

Amazing phone case

Love my phone case. Perfect fit and very slim fitting. Craftsmanship is top notch.

This case is an eye catcher!

I've had a lot of people comment on how cool this case looks, and I could not agree more. The rubber lining snuggles my phone keeping it safe and secure. A thin case like this is the way to go with an already bulky phone. The time and effort put into this case is apparent. To the one person who asked me who Taylor was, you just wouldn't understand.

Sublime iPhone Case

My Indian Rosewood “Gibson Pearl Diamond Logo” iPhone 12 Pro case is the BEST! The woodworking is the highest quality and the Pearl inlay is perfect! IPhone 12 Pros are stainless steel and very slippery without a case but this Thalia case solves that problem in an appealing, stylish way. The outer rim is textured and is perfect for getting a good hold on that slippery phone! The rosewood back is smooth but not slippery. A great case with a legendary logo!