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AAA Curly Koa & Gibson SG Hawaiian Koa Inlaid Guitar

Show off your phone in style with a hand-made AAA Curly Koa & Gibson SG Hawaiian Koa Inlaid Guitar Protective Phone Case made by Thalia in California.

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Not exactly what I expected

I love the quality and craftsmanship of my iPhone case. I was very excited to receive it and was disappointed with the colour. The purpleheart on your website is visibly “purple”. The case I received is hardly purple at all. When I emailed your support about it I got a response from Garett that the colour of the wood you receive is not always the same. I’m still disappointed but I do like the case overall so I guess there’s nothing to be done about it.
What would really make me happy is an iPhone case that matches my Blueberry Burst Gibson Les Paul, either the case itself or the guitar inlay.

Beautiful and functional iPhone 7 Plus phone case!

I have purchased many items from Thalia and this may be my favorite. It is a very functional case with rubber sides and raised edges to protect the screen. Does not impede glass screen protector. The back has a gorgeous image of a Gibson Les Paul in curly Hawaiian Koa on a background of Santos Rosewood. You can even make out the “Les Paul” in correct script on the headstock. The etching is exquisite and the wood exceptional. If I upgrade my iPhone I guess I will just have to get another case!

My phone case

This case took a while to ship, as expected, but is beautiful and very protective. I would definitely buy again

If you like Gibson Les Paul, this case is your best choice

As soon as you see this case for the first time, you will feel love. The wood texture at your fingertips is more than a phone case.

Beautiful iPhone case, there's nothing like it!

I'm loving both my iPhone X and iPhone 11 Pro Gibson Case! Had a small QC issues but Thalia team was fast to provide a replacement! I'll return for more purchase!