Phone Case

Santos Rosewood & Infinity MOP

Phone Case

Santos Rosewood & Infinity MOP

Show off your phone in style with a hand-made Santos Rosewood Protective Phone Case made by Thalia in California.

Show off your phone in style with a hand-made Santos Rosewood Protective Phone Case made by Thalia in California.

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Gorgeous Case!

Very nice quality case, fits great, looks great.

Raymond D. Campbell
The Best Phone Case

This is my second phone case from Thalia! I purchased my first phone case from Thalia several years ago and absolutely loved it. When it was time for a new phone I decided to purchase from Thalia again because I had such wonderful results from the first experience. These phone cases are truly gorgeous. The natural wood is beautiful and holds up well. The outer edges of the case are not too slippery and make holding of the phone case easy. I am prone to dropping my phone and I have never had an issue with a Thalia case not protecting my phone. Of course, I also use a screen saver along with the case. The pictures fail to convey the depth and beauty of the wood. You will be pleased with a Thalía phone case. They are artistically unique and each one is a one of a kind case.

Mark Lane
Love the cover!!

The cover is AMAZING! Really well made! Not only is the Koa and Rosewood beautiful, the cover protects the phone well (I know... I dropped the phone the other day)
Buying this is a no brainer!

Bill Lange
iphone case

Very satisfied with the looks. Many positive comments from friends.
Haven’t dropped the iPhone yet so I’m not sure how well it will protect the iPhone from cracking the glass.

George Haberberger
A sublime melding of form and function

Shortly after my wife gave me a Gibson Les Paul guitar I decided I needed to enhance my Les Paul paraphernalia beyond just a t-shirt. The Gibson Les Paul iPhone case from Thalia Capos was a perfect addition.

The case is surely a thing of beauty. The Gibson logo in pearl that matches the fret markers on the guitar is set against the rich and appealing grain of Koa wood. The Les Paul script is etched in black into the wood and contrasts perfectly against the pearl of the Gibson logo.

Aside from the attractiveness of the case, its functionality cannot be denied. I have dropped the phone a couple of times with no damage.

If you want your iPhone case to be something more than just a protective covering, Thalia Capos cases are a worthy investment.