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Includes 6 engraved Star picks in a collectible aluminum tin with a Santos Rosewood inlay.  Picks come in both 1.4mm and 0.9mm thicknesses.  We recommend the 1.4mm thickness as they are the most durable.  We only suggest the 0.9mm if you have previously tried and love our 0.9mm picks.

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Thickness Specs

You can order our pick tins in 0.9mm or 1.4mm thicknesses.

Our 0.9mm has a playability that is similar to a Fender Medium, while our 1.4mm would be similar to a Fender Thick, but with a much warmer tone.

Our Pick Technology

Thalia Exotic Wood Picks are crafted by slicing micro-thin layers of exotic wood and then bonding them back together with the woodgrain in a crosshatch pattern. The result is a very thin, flexible and durable wood pick with a warm tone that sounds better with each use. We offer multiple shapes and thicknesses. 

Check out the overview video below for more details:


Our picks are made in the USA of 100% Santos Rosewood. Our 0.9mm picks are made with 2 layers of exotic wood and 1.4mm picks are made with 3 layers of exotic wood.

Durability & Playability

Our picks are made of 100% wood so they will wear down with use. They will not last as long as a plastic pick, but we think that you will love their tone and thinness.

Our thinnest pick, the 0.9mm is flexible and functionally similar to a Fender Medium. As a result these picks will wear out much faster than our thicker 1.4mm picks. These picks are made of two layers of wood that are crosshatched for strength. They are the most fragile of all of our picks. These picks are really made for users who desire flex in their wood pick.  If you are a hard strummer the 0.9mm picks are probably not for you.

Our thicker 1.4mm picks will develop a beveled edge as you play with them and adapt to your picking style. These picks are made of three layers of wood and are far more durable. As a result, they really don't have any flex.

Customer Reviews

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Wood Sampler Pick Tin

Honestly I thought this was a gimmick. I am an amateur guitarist who plays primarily acoustic, and I have a lot of guitar playing friends and family. I thought this would be a nifty gift idea so I bought a sampler to see what they were like. I am sold. Totally and completely. I had months old medium strings on my guitar and these picks made them sound brand new. I am not lying. I could not believe the difference between these wooden picks and my normal "plastic" or vinyl ones. Heck I hadn't even heard of wooden picks before. Flat picking with these is amazingly crisp and clear and the wooden texture helps this left-hander hold on to the picks perfectly. So... they turned out to be a perfect gift idea - and they have become my #1 choice for personal use. Also, I messaged this company via facebook messenger wanting info on the durability and such - and they gave me an immediate reply, in depth and personal. All around a superb purchase experience.

I love my Thalia capo

It’s expensive for me as an overseas customer after adding the shipping costs compared to stuff I can buy from essentially China. But... Thalia is a dream to use. Simple. Smooth. Different gauges to fit the range of necks I have.

I bought another...

Nice picks, a little bright

Nice picks, a little bright at first, but with after a few songs they soften to a nice, balanced, sound. Notice in the picture which pick is woven in the strings on the guitar neck!

Pick sampler

I received the free wood pick with my capo and loved the sound. The sampler is a great way to try different tone woods. Awesome pick case as well.

Pick tin

Love it :heart_eyes:!!! Found the sound awesome don't want to use my plastic picks any more!!! Give them a try and you will never go back!!!