150 Series Upgrade Program Details & FAQ

Backer Upgrade Program Details

Each original 150 customer will receive an email with a $30 OFF DISCOUNT CODE on October 2, 2016.

  • This code may only be used one time and will expire on 10/22/2016. 
  • This code is not transferable and is only usable on Thaliacapos.com
  • The code can only be used for Capos (not for t-shirts or accessories)


150 Upgrade Program FAQ


What if I bought multiple 150 capos?  Can I get multiple discount codes?

We know that many of you purchased multiple 150 series capos.  This offer is only good for the purchase of 1 capo.  We are sorry but we cannot afford to sell more than 1 per customer at this price.  Thank you for your understanding.

Why will this expire on 10/22/2016?

This upgrade program commemorates our 22 day Kickstarter Campaign than ran from October 1 to 22, 2014.  We are rolling back prices just for your for these 22 days!

Do I need to send in my 150 series capo in to get this discount?

No, this is a virtual upgrade program.  You do not need to trade-in you 150 series capo to take advantage of this upgrade offer.

Where do I place the discount code?

The discount code will be applied during the checkout process.  There is a gift card or discount code box on the customer information page of the checkout process.  

What if I already bought a 200 series? Can I apply this discount to that previous order?

No, this is a special limited time program that is only offered for new purchases from original backers that order between October 1-22, 2016 to commemorate our 22-day Kickstarter campaign.