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Handy beyond belief and a pleasure to look at!

Thanks Thalia

I ordered a pick puck and they offered me a pack of picks for a discount. Got them for my brother’s birthday present. He is a very talented and experienced musician and he will definitely be impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. I’ve also ordered a flask and a grinder and both are excellent. I’m just waiting on more magnesium slides to be made and that will be my next purchase.

Thalia Ring Gift Box

Bought my sister a ring from Thalia for her birthday, due to their beautiful craftsmanship, and bought the gift box with it. Simple and effective, and kept the ring secure and safe until it was time to gift it. Also saved me having to gift wrap it! 😂 Definitely recommend.

Something Special

I've always admired the old Gibson moon-and-star headstock inlays, so I ordered this truss rod cover for my new Les Paul Tribute. Wow! The rosewood matches perfectly with the rosewood of the fingerboard and truly makes my plain old Tribute something special. Five stars for the quality and beauty of this truss rod cover.

Beautiful Truss Rod Cover for my Custom BC Rich Polarity Deluxe

This Truss rod cover looks great on my BC Rich Polarity Deluxe. It's slightly darker than the flamed maple on the headstock and body, but being flamed itself, it actually matches the flame pattern, making it look like an intentional part of the overall design of the guitar.
These guitars have a wonderful piezo- acoustic bridge. I rewired the electronics and added two output jack, one is for the piezo- bridge and the other is for the pair of Seymour Duncan P- Rails with circuitry that allows the split pickups to operate as P-90's, single coils, or humbuckers.
The neck action is lower than you could get for most acoustic guitars, and I run the piezo- output into a separate amp dialed in to get great realistic acoustic tones.
These guitars are an overlooked treasure, with a neck width of a Les Paul and a slightly flatter neck radius.
Where else can you get a great sounding and playing acoustic- electric with the distinctive look of a Mockingbird?
In my opinion the Thalia Truss Rod is the perfect addition to an already rare and unique guitar.

Love this idea!

I generally keep a couple of extra picks stuck under the pickguard or poker chip, but a couple of my guitars don't have either. This is the perfect solution! The fact that they look so cool is just a bonus! Have two of them so far...

Love the detail of this puck.

I really was excited to get this pick puck for Christmas and I think it's really creative and detailed. It stays on my guitar well, maybe a little too well. I tried to remove it to clean my guitar and my thumb slipped and took the top off. There's a small hub that cracked, but somehow it goes back together and stays! Now that's craftmanship! I will probably put a drop of super glue on it but when I emailed the nice folks here, they shipped me out a new one immediately. I own about 10 of their beautiful capos so I guess that didn't hurt but nonetheless they did the right thing so I am extremely satisfied.

My Favorite Capo Gifting

I needed a unique acoustic guitar capo for my grandson who has mastered most of Jimi Hendrix songs on the acoustic guitar.. Being familiar with Thalia products I chose the Thalia capo. On Christmas day with my grandson opened his present the first thing you notice was the elegance of the gift box. It came in the most classical black box you could imagine for a guitar product. It was extremely unique and was not only impressive looking but but functional for keeping his capo and top quality condition when not in use. The box was also covered with a Talya gift bag which was another surprise because of the high quality material used to cover the box. As my grandson said."this was the best gift I got for Christmas grandfather thank you very much." The capo is by far the best Capel I've ever used in my entire long life I was 68 years. But the presentation in the gift box was most impressive. Thank you Thalia for doing such a wonderful job to help make my grandson's Christmas spectacular.

Christmas gift for my son

In my search for a truss rod cover for my son's Taylor GS Mini, I came across your web site. All I can say is I'm glad I found you. I got him the truss rod cover and a really great Crown of Thorns capo. Your design is very unique and he loved both items. Your capos are very easy to put on and the extra pads really made a difference for his setup. I'll be back in the future to get myself a capo... and truss rod cover, and strap... maybe some picks... Thank you Thalia!

Precisely what I was looking for

Superb craftsmanship and innovative design. Pick Puck 2.0 is exactly what was looking for to use on my Martin Acoustic Guitar! I couldn’t resist making a flower design when I really didn’t need all those picks.

Great simple upgrade

I’ve got an old solid wood Taylor 214 that I’ll have forever and this was a great way to add a bit of a unique look to it without going over the top. Fit was perfect and the rosewood matches great too.

Tri-Star Pick Tin

The quality is perfect as usual with everything from Thalia Capos! I have a couple of the tins and have given them away as gifts too. The Tri-Star tin is easy to open and (side note) perfectly matches my Tri-Star Pick Puck. Love them both and encourage everyone to get the set that matches your personality, definitely worth it...

Almost perfect

I bought this capo because it looked beautiful and the reviews were really good.
It's certainly beautiful, really, REALLY lovely!
And extremely well made .
There's only one downside (for me) which is that it can't be used the way it's intended by someone with small, weak hands like me :).
It's supposed to be moved with the same action one uses when barring but it requires more strength than one uses when barring and I'm just not that strong. So it's a fiddle to re-position it.
Despite that one niggle I would never swap it for a different one because overall it's brilliant :).

Beautiful Capo

A beautiful capo, sturdy and well balanced, with a nice weight about it. First capo I've used that applied perfectly every time with 0 string buzz. Fits all three of my guitars without applying the included spacers!

Pick Puck with Celtic Cross

Extremely useful and easy to use (the suction cups work great). The black etching is a little thicker than I expected, and, combined with the black edge, makes the puck look darker overall than I anticipated. But it is still a good looking product, and I am conveniently able to fit it between the neck and the knobs at the top of the body of my guitar.

Simple solution for a simple problem...

The pick puck is perfect for keeping a couple of picks close to hand and looks good at the same time. I'm not sure I'd use the puck for long terms storage, although time will tell with this, the picks could end up staying there permanently as they are very secure. The micro suction pads work well, so the puck can be easily moved or removed for storage if needed and the picks are gripped solidly, although they can easily be pulled out if needed with a variety of different pick thicknesses

Brilliant, well designed, simple to use and doesn't pull the guitar out of tune

I've got a number of capo's, all of which are meant to be good, but most of which have some sort of issue meaning they aren't perfect. The Thalia capo not only looks good, but works well and doesn't have a negative impact on tuning, which is especially important when using on a Twelve string guitar. In my case, I went with the high tension octave touch pads which work well on the 12 string, but also work well on an 8 string baritone. As the two guitars have different radius fretboards it does mean having to invest in multiple Thalia capos, although you can of course change the fret pads for different guitars, but with so many different designs available...

Taylor Darktone Tin - WELL WORTH IT!

Wow! These picks are incredible! I know what you're thinking, picks don't make a difference to your tone... well buy this and you'll see how much they do! The variety of materials gives you a whole plethora of different tones, they're visually stunning and the different shapes and thicknesses really make you think about your playing, what's best for you and how you play. It's one of those tiny things that makes a huge difference and makes you rethink your playing! But in a good way ;) on top of that, the tin is absolutely stunning. Perfect size to fit a whole host of picks in, nice and small to either attach onto a pedalboard while taking up very little space, or for travelling/gigging. The leather interior is a nice way to stop the picks from jumping out the tin when you open it, and also keeps them looking nice and fresh too! Buy yourself one (or a friend/family member as a perfect guitar gift) and thank me later ;)


Love the design. I did hear an unsettling crack as I was pushing some picks in but nothing seems out of place and none of the picks have fallen out. :)

Yes it is a finger

I have used step capo on 12 strings and they work fine but are a bit difficult to align. The Thalia Octave promoted itself as finger-like… soft outside fir heavier strings and firm inside for the lighter… and that is just what it does… having the various radius choices helps… and I installed it in an existing Thalia…. Thanks

Gibson dead on match.

Beautifully constructed, easy to use and matches my Gibson Custom ES-335 VOS!

Great product

The workmanship on my custom truss rod cove is excellent!!
The attention to detail is flawless and to be able to see it every time i pick up my guitar puts a smile on my face
Great job Thalia!!!

Moon capo is dreamy!

I love my moon capo, I got it after learning one of my favorite artists Phoebe Bridgers had one. It immediately improved the sound quality of the finger-picked song I wrote on capo 4. I can't wait to write and record more songs with it! It is very beautiful and matches the mother-of-pearl on my fretboard. There were delays with the supply chain issues, but very worth the wait!

Beautiful Ring

Gotten a lot of compliments on this ring. Looks far more expensive than it was. Happy with all of my purchases from Thalia. Try their guitar straps!

Celtic Coolness!