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I've been looking for a suitable pick guard for a sunburst guitar for a while, the usual celluloid ones don't really go with the guitar and black just isn't very interesting, the solution - wood. Personally I think the rosewood pick guard suits the guitar and the little added bling from the abalone goes well with the rosette. Quality wise these things are really nice, i'm not quite sure how they are made, as I always expect them to be quite rigid and have been worried about them getting damaged in transit, but that's the case, they are very flexible, no need to worry about cracking or breaking. The micro-suction pads are a good touch, once in place, the pick guard isn't going anywhere unless you peel it off, which can be done easily and without damage. I've already moved mine slightly, although I wouldn't want to do this on a regular basis so I'm not going to be moving the pick-guard between guitars, it's staying where it is for the duration now... One thing to note, while these are marketed as Taylor replacements, they will fit any guitar if you get the right size, I think the rosewood one I've got is slightly smaller than the Abalone pick guard I purchased previously and the bigger one might have been slightly better, but it works well, although it would be nice if Thalia had some templates we could print out and see which size is best for our guitars, after all, we're not all lucky enough to own Taylors :)

Perfect match

Matches my 914ce perfectly. Especially the blue abalone

Smooth & Effective POLISHING CLOTHS

I didn't want to risk using any creams and chemicals. So I decided to order both cloths and I am totally satisfied with this decision. Both (silver and black) are excellent in cleaning and polishing all my guitars in a safe way. Thank you Thalia !!!

Lexie’s Thalia Brazilian Black Cherry & Mother of Pearl Pickguard 2.0 Review

The Brazilian Black Cherry & Mother of Pearl Pickguard 2.0 is not just a beautiful addition to spruce up your guitar but it is also extremely easy to put onto your guitar! I have been a recurring customer of Thalia for a long time and all of their products are reliable, great quality, and beautifully unique. I have also purchased a custom capo, thrust rod, pick guard, bridge pins, and expression system rings. I have been so happy with every single product I have received from Thalia :)

Brazilian Black Cherry/Mother of Pearl

I am very pleased with my new pick guard from Thalia and feel that it compliments my Thalia truss rod cover and capo on my Taylor 324ce!

Celtic Cross | Pick Puck 2.0
Jean-christophe D.
Nice Quality

I received the 2 pick-Pucks and I must say that the quality is there, as well as this ingenious system to hold the accessory on the soundboard of the guitar.
All is there:
the style
The quality
the practical side

I'm Super happy !

AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa Pick Puck Mini

Beautifully and unobtrusively complements my lefty SP6 Cedar top and pickguard - a real encouragement to switch between flat and fingerpicking.

Abalone Capo

I just bought my 4th capo from Thalia. I have also purchased a slide, 2 truss rod covers one which is custom you’ll see in the photo, and some picks. All their products are beautiful and so easy to use. The truss rod cover and capo really enhance my Guild D-55. The capo is accented in gold which matches the tuning keys. Big Fan of Thalia!!

Love it!

I love my Taylor inlay truss rod cover. It adds a nice custom touch, it’s wood instead of the stock plastic and has the Taylor style inlay. It’s good looking and well made.

Proud of The Pride Pick Puck

My Daughter adores her Pride Pick Puck that matches her Taylor Guitar and blends beautifully with her Thalia Capo. The ease of use and ability to place perfectly for continued playing if a pick flies during playing to grab a new pick in 1 sweeping movement. Thanks again Thalia, Chris and Team.

Brazilian Black Cherry Pickguard 2.0

I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful addition to my Taylor. The Brazilian Black Cherry Pickguard 2.0 Thalia made for me looks amazing. The woodgrain is beautiful and the clean cut edges and finish are top notch. Thank you Thalia team!

Finishing Touches

My Taylor 814CE is unique with the sinker top and need that little extra piece that let everyone know this is my guitar. The fit and finish were perfect. I love how this cover added the finishing touches to a perfect guitar.

Perfect eye candy for my beloved!

This is my 5 th Thalia capo. I’m a collector and I outfit each of my guitars with a Thalia that matches it’s personality. This one is perfect for my 000-15m. Plus I think I play better when everything matches.


It's beautiful. Perfect on my CS-336

Koa truss rod cover

Looks great on my GS Mini Mahogany!

Beauty and Function

These pucks are beautiful. The design and finish are as what you’d expect from USA made product. USA pride is there.
Hopefully soon, you guys can offer same designs on Mini Pucks too..

Beautifully crafted capo

Looks great and functions much better than my usual go to, kaiser, capo. Love it, bought another one for my acoustic.

Beautiful work - attention getter.

Added a Thalia custom cover to my Gibson SG. It generates lots of compliments when I'm performing.

Beautiful Pick Puck!

This is a beautiful design, and I am very happy with it.
I have one of these on 3 different guitars now, and I think they are a perfect way to get another pick very quickly when you need to.

Perfect Puck for My Guitar

Love the way the Puck matches the wood if the guitar. The Puck works as described. It is the best way to keep a spare pick near you when your playing live.

Azure Sea

I love the Azure Sea Truss Rod Cover. I purchased the matching Capo and also the limited edition puck. I so wish you made a pick guard out of this I love it! Thank you for creating great products and also for your excellent customer service. I have been a loyal customer since the kickstarter and will continue to share my love of Thalia products.

Expression System Rings

I think these rings are a great addition to my guitar. They went on my Taylor 214ce model. My model has no inlays at all so these were a nice touch. Easy to install, I chose to use the adhesive option like they describe in the video but it would be fine either way and installing was just as they described. Just in case you are considering it, I also added a Thalia custom truss rod cover and between the two of them it looks so good so don’t if you are hesitating, don’t. It’s worth it!

DOVE & BLUE ABALONE pick puck 2.0

Got as a birthday gift
It is absolutely beautiful and is the perfect accessory for all of My picks. I have purchased other items from thaila before and as always they are amazing and the best quality.

Hawaiian sea turtle truss rod cover

Koa cover on a Taylor? All Taylor’s should come with em! Notice the bubinga pick guard and Koa/ ebony pins from Thalia also- good work, folks!

Perfect Pick Puck Blue Abalone

The Perfect Pick Puck for the swift and simple access to your picks whilst playing. It rescues you from dropped picks in a seamless manner due to the fact you can place it anywhere to suit your playing style.

Another in-genius addition to add to your guitar playing experience.

Thanks Chris, Thalia and Team