Backer Upgrade Program Details

Each original backer will receive an email with a $30 OFF DISCOUNT CODE on September 28, 2016.

  • This code may only be used one time and will expire on 10/22/2016. 
  • This code is not transferable and is only usable on
  • The code can only be used for Capos (not for t-shirts or accessories)


Backer Upgrade Program FAQ

What if my email has changed?

If your email has changed since Kickstarter and you don’t receive your discount code, send an email to telling us your old and new email address and we will forward your discount code to your new address.  

What if I bought multiple capos during kickstarter?  Can I get multiple discount codes?

We know that many of you purchased multiple capos during kickstarter.  This offer is only good for the purchase of 1 capo.  We are sorry but we cannot afford to sell more than 1 per backer at this price.  Thank you for your understanding.

How is this at a lower price than what I paid on Kickstarter?

if you purchase a Black Chrome Indian Rosewood Capo or other wood capo the price will be $59.99 less $30 coupon = $29.99. During Kickstarter we charged an extra $10 for the tuning kits that are now included. So this upgrade program price is even lower than the lowest price we offered on Kickstarter for an exotic wood capo with tuning kit.  Same is true for Exotic Shell Capos which start at $69.99.

Why will this expire on 10/22/2016?

This upgrade program commemorates our 22 day Kickstarter Campaign than ran from October 1 to 22, 2014.  We are rolling back prices just for your for these 22 days!

Do I need to send my Kickstarter capo in to get this discount?

No, this is a virtual upgrade program.  You do not need to trade-in you original capo to take advantage of this upgrade offer.

Where do I place the discount code?

The discount code will be applied during the checkout process.  If you checkout using a credit card it will appear on the customer information page of check out.  If you pay with PayPal or "Pay with Amazon" then this discount code box will come during the shipping options section, which is after you return to our website from Paypal of Amazon.

What if I never received my Kickstarter capo?

If you haven't received your capo yet, then we have been looking for you. Please contact support at and let us know the email address you had registered on Kickstarter and we will hook you up!

What if I already bought a 200 series? Can I apply this discount to that previous order?

No, this is a special limited time program that is only offered for new purchases from original backers that order between October 1-22, 2016 to commemorate our 22-day Kickstarter campaign.