Premium Leather Belt

AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & Buddha Engraving

Premium Leather Belt

AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & Buddha Engraving

Belt Sizing Guide

Thalia Belts are made of premium leather and include a metal belt buckle in a choice of finishes with exotic wood and shell inlays.

Metal Finish
Black Chrome
24K Gold
Brushed Black
Leather Color
Dark Brown


With a variety of inlays and buckle finishes, we have the best accent for your style.

Perfect Fit

Our belts have the perfect fit formed from our premium supple leather.

Video Overview

Sometimes video is worth a thousand pictures.  In this short video see a more indepth variety of our inlays and finishes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Stunning Hawaiian Koa Leather Belt

I never thought I would own a belt buckle made from Hawaiian Koa. What a beautiful product. The wood is a lovely colour and the engraving harmoniously matches the grain. The buckling system is ingenious and ensures the Tree of Life design is fully displayed. I am also impressed by the quality of the belt leather, which is supple yet stiff enough to provide the required support. The leather has been carefully toned so that the colour perfectly matches the buckle edging. Previous Thalia products I purchased have been of excellent design and quality, but for the price, this really is extra special.

I would also just to like to add a few words about your excellent customer service. The Covid pandemic caused supply issues, but I was kept fully informed regarding date of delivery throughout the process which I found very reassuring.

Beautiful Curly Hawaiian Koa & Pearl Bee with Honeycomb Inlay

Beautiful buckle and beautiful and sturdy leather as a belt. Excellent quality. I play guitar and to avoid damage a slightly more curved buckle with rounded corners would be an improvement for me.

Better than expected

I had high expectations for the belt; Thalia continues to up their game. Except I ordered the wrong size. D’oh! No problem. Customer service handled it without a hitch, and my belt is better than I anticipated. It’s my “daily driver.”

Looks great. Great quality.

Once again, Chris, Thalia and the team have diversified their product line, this time with their belts and buckles. As usual, it is obvious that they’ve taken the time and care to make a quality product from only the best resources. What else can I say except, well done. Another home run for the Thalia team.

Lonestar Premium Leather Belt

Well, as you all know, if you’re on this site & reading reviews, Thalia capos at the best & the next logical step in gear buying. I’ve used Kysers for years & yeah, they work great, but at some point you want something that matches your guitar that you spent a bunch of money on. While any ol capo can hold down some strings, Thalia capos do it just a little better, last longer, & are (without a doubt) the best available, but I digress. The buckle is beautiful & matches my capo spot on. The leather on the belt itself is premium. I’m a better gunslinger than guitar player & the belt has held my smokewagon perfectly for both concealed EDC & OTW carry. It hasn’t sagged or stretched with the additional weight. I’ve used it several times at weeks on end while in LE classes & off duty. I am very impressed thus far. While the belt buckle is definitely on par with Thalia’s standards, I’m very pleased to report that the belt is as well. Plus, it’s super rad to have them matching both your guitar & gunslinging lifestyles respectively.

Belt Sizing Guide
Sizing Guide