Limited Edition


Limited Edition


Metal Finish

What is B-STOCK

B-Stock or what we call “Almost Perfects” are brand new 200 Series capos (current generation) that have passed every mechanical test and have a perfect inlay installed in them and come with the same mechanical warranty as our other capos.  However, they failed our final Quality Control inspection process due to a small blemish or minor scratch on the metal finish: b stock bstock b st b grade bgrade seconds


Customer Reviews

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Mark M.
I hate capos- this changed that

I play lots of different guitar. 7.25, 9.5,12 radii. I’m extremely sensitive to pitch and when I put a capo on, the slightly sharp tuning kills me. I tried the capos you can adjust tension for and they always got so floppy. Thalia changed everything. I just set the pad for the guitar I’m using a capo on that gig. Even it I had to swap it real fast, would be no issue. Great product and the crimson fractal design is beautiful. Not heavy, but feels quality. I’ll never use another capo

Chris M.

As soon as I opened my first package and felt this capo, I knew how well made it was ; so much so that I have bought 3 more !!! Will never use another capo again, my favorite has to be mother of pearl capo; it’s beautiful !

Fabrice D.
Just what my TAYLOR GS Mini/Koa needed

With these new Koa truss rod cap and Eben/Koa bridge pins, my GS mini looks cuter than ever !
The Thalia capo is now my favorite one by far. Whether you place it from above or below, there is no need to adjust anythings. This one is better, prettier and more accurate than my own fingers. All my guitarist friends want one ! Good investment.
Fabrice (Valence, FRANCE)

Matthew N.
Lovely Capo

Having tried other capos in the past, I've found the Thalia ones work best for me, while they may be a little on the chunky side (To show off the designs, bigger is better), they are still easy to use and don't get in the way. The choice of inserts allow you to chose the best fit for the guitar, once you've matched insert to guitar, it's a simple case fitting the capo and playing, no messing around trying to get the best fit, eliminate buzz or retune. The only downside is I've ended up with three Thalia's to cover my 6, 12 and 8 string baritone rather than constantly swapping insert, but the advantage is you get to choose different designs to go with the different guitars (Left to Right in the image are the Dragon and Paua Heart Abalone and Dark side of the Pearl)

Bret D.
Just one more

If you have more than one guitar—and particularly if they have different neck radii—there's a strong argument beyond GAS (gear acquisition syndrome for those who don't suffer) for more than one Thalia capo. And if one of those guitars happens to be a Gibson or a Taylor, then a fret marker matching capo (when available) is tempting; not only do you match the fretboard radius without having to switch out the pads, you match the guitar. A little like finding the perfect strap is a much about look as function. As I have mentioned in other reviews, I strongly recommend the Octave Touch pads, as they seem to provide the best tuning no matter where on the fretboard you capo.