Purpleheart | Mirror Black


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Purpleheart Wood 

Purpleheart wood which is also sometimes called Amaranth is a beautiful tonewood that some claim to be similar to Brazilian Rosewood. It has a wonderful sustain, and has a rich dark purple color. A variety of luthiers and guitar makers such as Taylor Guitars, Raolo Guitars, Bourgeois Guitars and Vibrance Guitars use Purpleheart for guitar fretboards, sides, backs, bridges and more.  Our purpleheart inlays are a great match and purpleheart also engraves great and is an excellent choice for lettering or as a base inlay for a custom capo.   


Metal Finish Options

This capo is offered in two variations of the same finish. We offer a brushed black chrome finish, in which the finish has been brushed to be more resilient to small scratches.  This gorgeous finish is similar to gunmetal and is prefered by on-stage performers who are looking for a finish that is not as reflective under bright lights.  We also offer a mirror black chrome which is a pristine mirror finish that changes color as light hits it and can go from very dark black chrome to almost chrome in appearance depending on how light reflects off it.  Mirror chrome costs US$10 more than the brushed as the process for achieving this pristine finish is more complex.