Metal Finish

What is B-STOCK

B-Stock or what we call “Almost Perfects” are brand new 200 Series capos (current generation) that have passed every mechanical test and have a perfect inlay installed in them and come with the same mechanical warranty as our other capos.  However, they failed our final Quality Control inspection process due to a small blemish or minor scratch on the metal finish:  b stock bstock b st b grade bgrade seconds


Celtic Etching

We have a few B-Stock capos that have celtic etching on the black chrome finish.  This is normally a custom shop upgrade that costs an additional $25 USD fee.    

Customer Reviews

Based on 5657 reviews
William E.
My Lucky Dragon Trio Capo

I have a number of Thalia capos, all of which are beautiful and artful pieces! My favorite one is my gold Lucky Dragon Trio Limited Edition Capo (see attached photos), which is a stunning combination of art and function. I love its substance, glisten and shine!

Bill Elkins
Long Beach CA

Shani B.
Starry Night capo a dreamy work of art

I have a handful of Thalia capos, and they are truly the best. They don’t pull any of my guitars out of tune, and they are made to fit each guitar radius perfectly for the ultimate tuning and tone. Being a huge fan of Van Gogh, I had to have this Starry Night capo as soon as I saw it. Beautiful capo, beautiful tone, beautiful design, beautiful product. These Thalia capos are my favorite guitar accessories. I’ve had many capos over the years, and Thalia is unmatched for beauty and tuning. Keep making them, because I’ll likely just keep buying them!

Lee B.
Mexican Greenheart Capo

I bought it to match the paua shell rosette on my new Taylor 724ce. It is a perfect combination! Have always loved Thalia capos since I bought their first prototype years ago. Their newest capos are the easiest to use yet!

George B.
Love my new capo

This is my second Thalia capo, so I was already familiar with the great quality; but this one is a little darker in color, and, I believe, matches my guitar better.
It also inspired me to learn a new song.
Thanks Thalia for a great product!

Marc L.
AAA Koa Capo

I rarely believe any hype that seems to surround new gear. I have had issues with capos in the past not gripping different neck radii well (ie string buzz or puling strings out of tune) But I have to say these capos are the best I have ever used! and I've used a bunch. I love these capos and intend on switching over to them exclusively for each of my working guitars.