We found a few more Black Chrome B-Stock units but these are the very last of them.  Get yours before they are gone!
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Outstanding design.

I'm not going to claim I own every capo ever made but I own twenty or so, including Shubbs, Dunlops and a very expensive Steinberger-designed one. Whenever a new design comes out I try it. My voice likes to be in keys like F, Eb, Bb, Ab, so I use capos a *lot* and the fact that most of them mess with the tuning is one of the great and enduring heartbreaks of my existence. Honestly, you have no idea. I have cried real tears of frustration over this. The better ones mentioned above, do this to a lesser extent, but they still pull the strings somewhat out of tune. The low E string is particularly problematic.The Thalia capo deals with this issue better than any other I've tried. I love having different options of radii, thickness (therefore tension) and material that I can change on the fly. It looks great too, I got the dark chrome with rosewood so it blends quite well with the fingerboard on my J-45. I do not like a lot of intrusive extra hardware (tuners etc.) stuck on my guitar. Will buy more of these for my other instruments for sure. Brava Thalia!

Kevin Quain,
Toronto, Canada

Thalia Rosewood capo.

It's awesome both as to workmanship, functionality, and aesthetics. Plus, the bonus of wonderful customer service is immeasurable!
Thank you Thalia!

Great capo, good deal

Love this capo. Great price on the B stock and I can’t find any blemish. Works great, looks cool.

B-Stock Capo

Loved the packaging! I couldn’t figure out how this was a B-Stock. With the different radius inserts I was able to match my Taylor neck. A great product with amazing results.

Love it!

I love it!

What is B-STOCK

B-Stock or what we call “Almost Perfects” are brand new 200 Series capos (current generation) that have passed every mechanical test and have a perfect inlay installed in them and come with the same mechanical warranty as our other capos.  However, they failed our final Quality Control inspection process due to a small blemish or minor scratch on the metal finish: b stock bstock b st b grade bgrade seconds


Celtic Etching

We have a few B-Stock capos that have celtic etching on the black chrome finish.  This is normally a custom shop upgrade that costs an additional $25 USD fee.