Metal Finish

What is B-STOCK

B-Stock or what we call “Almost Perfects” are brand new 200 Series capos (current generation) that have passed every mechanical test and have a perfect inlay installed in them and come with the same mechanical warranty as our other capos.  However, they failed our final Quality Control inspection process due to a small blemish or minor scratch on the metal finish:  b stock bstock b st b grade bgrade seconds


Celtic Etching

We have a few B-Stock capos that have celtic etching on the black chrome finish.  This is normally a custom shop upgrade that costs an additional $25 USD fee.    

Customer Reviews

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Greg J.
My first Thalia capo

Recently I purchased my first Thalia capo. I looked for the best deal I could because being my first one and the considerable difference in Canadian and US funds, I didn't want to gamble too much. I was very favorably surprised! There is nothing not to like about this capo. The fit, finish and function of this capo is absolutely first class. My Furch Yellow Deluxe has a neck radius of 15.75, and my Adamas is a 12, and with the interchangeable array of rubber string pads, this capo is perfect. I'd like my Thalia purchase to one to be a custom! Thanks from Newfoundland Canada.

Rebecca G.
One of the best Christmas gifts

I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it!

Pearl Mandala - Another Beauty

A great addition to the collection. Pearl Mandala is a beauty with amazing detail.
True art and a great capo.

Andrew H.
Best Capo I’ve Ever Used

Sometimes I need a capo for my electric guitar. I tried 2 different ones. The first didn’t put enough pressure on the strings and resulted in dead strings. The second put too much pressure on the strings and resulted in my guitar having to be tuned every time I put it on.

However, the Thalia capo was perfect! It puts the perfect, even amount of pressure on the strings and is super easy to move around the fret board. I love it so much! The icing on the cake is how well the design blends in with my guitar! I can’t recommend these capos enough.

Richard M.
A beautiful gift to myself

I’m so thrilled and excited to have received this work of art. The thought that went into this capo and the ease of its playability is superb. Your craftsmen have out done themselves.