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Jazz 3XL Shape

Custom picks will ship in 3-5 business days after placing your order.

Quantity Price Cost Per Pick
6 $49.99 $8.33

 Our Custom Shop Santos Rosewood Pick Tins come with your choice of 6, 12, 18, 50 or 100 Thalia Santos Rosewood 1.4mm picks. Each one custom laser engraved with your monogrammed initials or custom artwork. 

All of our Custom Picks come in a custom pick tin with your pick engraved in Santos Rosewood on the front. The more picks you buy the lower your cost per pick.

# of Picks


All of our custom picks come in custom pick tins. We offer two sizes of tins: picks with 50 or more picks come in our large tins and less than 50 come in our small tin. Each tin has your custom pick design laser engraved onto a santos rosewood inlay on the top of the tin.

Our Pick Technology

Thalia Exotic Wood Picks are crafted by slicing micro-thin layers of exotic wood and then bonding them back together with the woodgrain in a crosshatch pattern. The result is a very thin, flexible and durable wood pick with a warm tone that sounds better with each use. 

Check out the overview video below for more details:


Our picks are made in the USA of 100% Santos Rosewood. Our 1.4mm picks are made with 3 layers of exotic wood.

Durability & Playability

Our picks are made of 100% wood so they will wear down with use. They will not last as long as a plastic pick, but we think that you will love their tone and thinness.

Our thicker 1.4mm picks will develop a beveled edge as you play with them and adapt to your picking style. These picks are made of three layers of wood and are far more durable. As a result, they really don't have any flex.

Customer Reviews

Based on 870 reviews
I love these pics for playing bass!

I purchased these pics a while ago with the intention of using them for playing bass guitar, and they're excellent.
For guitar I don't often use such a thick pic, I prefer thinner, but on bass, they're just so good.
Mine has started to wear down a tiny little bit already from how often I use it! Good thing I got 6!

Love these!

It took a few hours of playing to adjust at first, but I can't use any other pick now! The tone is warm and the distortion sounds better than ever!

Celtic Exotic Wood Pick Tin

Besides looking amazing matching my Martin Guitar, I enjoy the feel of these picks. I can adjust the tonality as I play easier with the wooden pick. I much prefer them to nylon. Very nice indeed! Well done on another excellent product. Thalia is an innovative company!

Tree of Life picks

These picks are the most beautifully crafted guitar picks i have ever seen. The engraving is superb. Definitely will be buying more soon!

Great picks!

I ordered a couple of sets of picks - .9 and 1.4. I really like both. Clean sharp response, a little warmer than my normal tortex. They’re holding up well, and the grip is much better than I expected. I’ll be buying these again! The tin is cool - I don't lose them!