Custom Shop Inlay Service Fee (Wood Inlay)

Custom Shop Inlay Service Fee (Wood Inlay)

Custom Inlaid Text in a wood capo.

Custom Inlaid Text in a wood capo.

Customer Reviews

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Ree A.

I love the way my custom capo turned out! My son, who received it is over the moon happy with it. Thank you. So much

John R.W.
My custom capo

Really happy with the quality and workmanship on my recently purchased Thalia capo. It has my Initials inlaid and the gold finish matches my Hardware and my own custom fingerboard inlays and EVO Gold fretwire on my 70's Epiphon restoration. Will send Thalia some good pics when I get it complete.

A great gift

While the shipping took longer then expected, the wait was worth it. The capo looks amazing and my friend was excited to get this capo.

Alex P.
Custom capos

Great work as always have 3 now and the guild one matches perfect. Custom shop is a great addition.

Mike R.
Beautiful for a lifetime!

This handcrafted Thalia capo was a present to my youngest son. I wanted him to have something to remember me by whenever he played (He has my ‘68 Martin) so I had his life verse inlaid!! A product this high in quality made the perfect gift for what I wanted to do. Thanks, Chris, Thalia, and the team