Shape T13 - Fits Many PRS Guitars

Custom Truss Rod Cover

Truss Rod Cover Guide
Wood Species
Black Ebony
Santos Rosewood
Indian Rosewood
AAA Curly Koa

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Taylor truss rod cover

the beautiful Koa wood truss rod cover fits perfectly to My guitar and looks great

Nice-but could be better

The truss rod cover was an exact fit, so no complaints there. I have two issues, though. Number one, the moons aren’t as shown in the photo. The side closest to the nut has one moon missing which means they aren’t symmetrical top to bottom. I assume this is due to the length of the TRC, but I would have liked to know that up front. I may have chosen a different design. Second, the inlays aren’t flush with the cover, they are sunken in a mm or two. Would you want the inlays on your fretboard sunk in that much? I don’t and don’t think anyone else does either. The inlays should be flush for what these cost. From a few feet away it’s fine, but that’s an easy fix and it SHOULD be fixed.

Custom Truss Rod Cover / Shape T3 Element

Excellent Quality & adds a nice touch to the 800 series Guitar.

Very Pleased

This was for my 50 year old Gibson that was actually missing the truss rod cover. Very nice! (I did have to sand off about 1/32 inch to fit, but was pleasantly surprised at how close it was.)

Custom truss rod cover & Texas Lone Star capo

When I saw the new custom truss rod covers and the Texas Lone Star capo, I knew that they would fit my 224 Taylor perfectly. Not only would I have a good looking guitar, but a guitar that also supports my personal beliefs in God and country. I didn’t even realize how boring the previous, basic plastic truss rod cover was until I replaced it with the beautiful wood cross emblazoned cover from Thalia. Furthermore, the Lone Star capo not only has good functionality, but just looks super cool. The 224 Taylor is a nice guitar, but the upgrades from Thalia make it “my” guitar. Thanks, Thalia, for providing the opportunity for me to customize my guitar in such cool ways. Lastly, as a side note, the new capo came with a sample wood pick that I was doubtful of, but I am now about to purchase both sampler packages because I liked the sample pick so much.

Truss Rod Shape Guide By Guitar Make & Model

Thalia Truss Rod Covers fit a wide range of guitar makes & models.  You can print out the shape template to match it to your guitar or you can search for your make and model in this list to determine which shape you will need.  

Please Note:  We have also included common guitars that do not have truss rod covers for completeness.Truss Rod Shape Guide



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