Exotic Wood Pick Pack 2.0

Exotic Wood Pick Pack 2.0

Each Pack includes (6) Thalia Exotic Wood Picks.
Each Pack includes (6) Thalia Exotic Wood Picks.

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Barbara Smith
Awesome picks!

I’m having a great time trying the different picks in this sampler tin! They are beautiful as well as functional! Definitely enjoying the texture as they don’t seem to slip and slide as much some others do. Very happy with this product!

Howard Lowinger
Macassar Stripped Ebony Picks, Tin and Puck

Having a guitar with a Macassar Striped Ebony back made matching the wood for accessories, more difficult. That is, until Thalia came out with a Macassar Picks and the Tin. The Pick Puck was an extra that I never really expected. It is beautiful, too, and actually gets more discussion than all the others. Thalia's craftsmanship and work is just plain gorgeous! The puck is genius! And has the side benefit of making picks available wherever I want to put it (so as to be able to grab them to play). And the beautiful picks have the benefit of being useful for playing, as well. Note: I smoothed out the edges on the picks before using them to play much - as I like a little more of a rounded single edge than what came on delivery, which was a bit flat and edgy, at first.

Nathan Jolley
Favorite picks

Thalia wooden picks are my favorites. They just seem to glide along the strings. I destroyed one of the lighter wood picks with some heavy strumming and decided to try the Ebony picks. They are holding up well and I will be buying more when these wear out. Or when I hand them out to friends which is where half of my Thalia picks have gone.

Tanner Ulrich
Wonderful, warm tone

Bought these to experiment with as a change from my usual choice of picks, and so happy I did. For those wondering how these sound, it is almost a similar tone to a finger style technique, but with the attack and definition of a pick. The feeling of their texture is one of my favorite aspects, being less prone to slippage than synthetic picks, and I love the sort of bouncy response they have against the strings. They are quite durable as well, the ones of the bunch I have used so far have seen heavy use and are still holding up well after a month and half or so. It also helps that they and the case they come in are beautiful in design as well. Very happy overall with this purchase

John Stancik III

I've had the Ebony picks (0.9mm) long enough to have used them on all my guitars - acoustic and electric; 6 and 12 string - and I like 'em. They flex enough to give you a shimmering glissando, are firm enough to thunk out a palm mute and yet not so stiff they feel stuck on the string. A pick's job is to set the string in motion . . . the Ebony 2.0 does it wicked good.

John Stancik