Exotic Wood Pick Pack 2.0

Exotic Wood Pick Pack 2.0

Each Pack includes (6) Thalia Exotic Wood Picks.
Each Pack includes (6) Thalia Exotic Wood Picks.

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Ana A.
The best picks for pick collection

Just got these today from THALIA CAPOS this is my second perchance from THALIA I want to thank Chris and everyone at thalia for the great customer service/support.
These are so cool and for someone who collects guitar picks I absolutely 💯 love them.

Aleksandra P.
Warm, round sound

Nice in touch, good warm sound, it is very handy

Richard H.
Great tone, but...

After a friend let me try one of these rosewood picks, I fell in love with the tone it got out of my guitar. The sound was clear, woody, and not harsh at all - just what I like.
Unfortunately, it seems I am too aggressive in my picking style, and tore up the tip of the first one in less than 1 hour of playing.
It's a wonderful item that didn't work for me personally.

Nick M.
Thanks Thalia

I ordered a pick puck and they offered me a pack of picks for a discount. Got them for my brother’s birthday present. He is a very talented and experienced musician and he will definitely be impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. I’ve also ordered a flask and a grinder and both are excellent. I’m just waiting on more magnesium slides to be made and that will be my next purchase.

Bryan W.
Tri-Star Pick Tin

The quality is perfect as usual with everything from Thalia Capos! I have a couple of the tins and have given them away as gifts too. The Tri-Star tin is easy to open and (side note) perfectly matches my Tri-Star Pick Puck. Love them both and encourage everyone to get the set that matches your personality, definitely worth it...