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Thalia Black Ripple Capo

What a great offering! So Beautiful
I ordered Two! Currently I own
Seven of your Capos, they work Perfectly and are a Thing of Beauty. I Love My Choices just right for Every Mood and
Every Guitar!
From Subtlety to Strikingly
Gorgeous! A Huge Fan!!!
Continued Success!
Russ Martin

Love my Thalia Cross capo

I’ve had several comments on the beauty of this capo. The real Beaty is the way it fits my guitars. I own 2 now and they fit my guitars perfectly.

Birdseye Maple Capo

This is the fourth Thalia capo I have purchased and I love them all. This particular one I ordered specifically for my Larrivee 12-string guitar which has maple back and sides. It is a beautiful capo. The only issue is this: It does not hold down all the strings particularly well to prevent some slight buzzing or muting. I tried every pad that was supplied including all the high tension pads. Your chart recommended a #16 for Larrivee 12-string guitars, but I settled on a #15 as it seems to work best. I will continue to experiment. Thank you for beautiful capos!!

Terry Prohaska
Milwaukie, Oregon

Simply beautiful capo

I could have purchased a cheap capo but I opted for something beautiful and amazing instead.
Thank you for the time and attention to detail you dedicate to the capos you produce!

An excellent all-round capo. Very impressed.

I have decided to try Thalia because I have tried many other capos which were unable to fret 7th fret and above (I have a guitar with a wide nut and slightly thick neck). To be frank, I was slightly skeptical about the functional aspect of Thalia's capo because I was never a big fan of spring-loaded capo and I felt like the capo are charged at a premium because of the visual aspect only. However, the capo is way out off my expectation, not just visually but functionally as well.

Firstly, it is very convenient (as expected with spring-loaded capo).

Secondly, intonation is good, no out of tune most of the time (except sometimes with the 1st fret of the 6th string, but can be sorted with some adjustment).

Thirdly,effect on tension and action - it does not lower the action too much which can affect the playability and tone and it does not 'harden' the strings too much ,which I have experienced with some capo.

Lastly, Tone - very good tone, a good balance between warmth and brightness, not like a 'muted sound i have experienced with a Shubb. Also, the Teflon option allows us player to change the tone depending on the pieces and styles. As a classically trained fingerstyle player, I often pay a lot of attention to the tone and details of each note and Thalia does a good job here.

If I have say some cons, that would be the amount of force needed to press down the capo. I think this perhaps is something that is required for the mechanics of the capo, but would be great to see if there is a way to improve it.

One other disadvantage is that, it is so pretty that I would be very upset to drop it or scratch it, so I have to use it cautiously.

Overall, good job Thalia, hope to see more advancement in the future.