Phone Case

Hawaiian Koa & Pick Pile Engraving

Show off your phone in style with a hand-made Hawaiian Koa & Pick Pile Engraved Protective Phone Case made by Thalia in California.

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Celtic Exotic Wood Pick Tin

Besides looking amazing matching my Martin Guitar, I enjoy the feel of these picks. I can adjust the tonality as I play easier with the wooden pick. I much prefer them to nylon. Very nice indeed! Well done on another excellent product. Thalia is an innovative company!

Tree of Life picks

These picks are the most beautifully crafted guitar picks i have ever seen. The engraving is superb. Definitely will be buying more soon!

Great picks!

I ordered a couple of sets of picks - .9 and 1.4. I really like both. Clean sharp response, a little warmer than my normal tortex. They’re holding up well, and the grip is much better than I expected. I’ll be buying these again! The tin is cool - I don't lose them!

Yin Yang Rosewood Picks and Tin review

I love these picks, they sound great and look so cool! The tin is also stylish and handy, but more importantly it helps to prevent the picks from ending up in the guitar pick abyss! Purchase was hassle free and delivery to Canada was fast! I will definitely be buying more in the future.

Guitar Picks

I recently bought two tins of picks and i love them, i use them on acoustic and electric. They have a very nice rich tone. I already use a thick pick so these were easy to get use to. I also saw an ad for investing in your company, is this true? if so please send me some information.