Exotic Wood & Shell


Exotic Wood & Shell

Exotic Wood or Shell
Edgeburst Hawaiian Koa
Indian Rosewood
Santos Rosewood
Black Ebony
African Zebrawood
Blue Abalone
Teal Angel Wing
Mother of Pearl
Tennessee Whiskey Wing
Red Angel Wing
Dragon Abalone
Mexican Greenheart
Electric Blue Angel Wing
Purple Paua
Maya Blue Mexican Abalone
Emerald Green Abalone
Metal Finish
Black Chrome
24K Gold

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Kennedy
Maya Blue Mexican Abalone Capo

I bought this capo as a going away gift for my son’s guitar teacher of 4 years. It is gorgeous and he says he absolutely loves it. Maybe I need one for myself now. Here is his photo of his capo

Jerry Bradley
Absolutely amazing

This came as advertised. I usually play worship guitar and this capo has changed the way I play and made everything 5x easier

Gregg Deinhart
Great Customer Service

I was a Kickstarter backer and love the product!

Ben Cutler
The Capo Giveth

Absolutely love this capo. It’s my second Thalia capo, and I’m positive there are more to add. The mechanism that opens the capo is fantastic. You simply squeeze it together, as if it were a lemon, and put it in position, then let go of the lemon. It has a solid spring that offers clear tones with no buzzing, even if it’s halfway down the fret. They ain’t cheap, but good quality usually isn’t. I haven’t owned my Thalia capos long enough to know how durable they are. But after 4 months of pretty continuous use, I haven’t notice any changes from the way came out of the packaging. Speaking of witch, the packaging is mint. A nice cube-ish plastic container with the capo holding on to a plastic, guitar neck shaped stump. In there as well is one of their rosewood picks, a bunch of different fret pads for different guitars, and a little soft nylon bag for the capo. 100% Satisfied.

Matt Polapink
Gorgeous and functionally superior

The problem with capos as they tend to disappear after a while as did my thalia I had for a couple years. Searched the house upside down and bought a couple $20 capos which simply did not work well. I decided I needed another Thalia and love the Rasta model I picked up. It is stunning and functionaky superior to any other capo I've used. Well wirth spending a few extra bucks.