Magnesium Slide

Red Angel Wing & AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa

Thalia Magnesium Slides

Thalia Magnesium Slides are made via a collaboration with MagSlide, makers of fine magnesium slides.  We were planning to design our own slide from scratch when we came across the father & son team at MagSlide.   We loved their design and story so much that we decided to partner with them to create a new Thalia version which includes an exotic wood & shell inlay.  We think you will love these slides as much as we do!

Our MAGNESIUM slides are made by MagSlide and sent to our California studio where we carefully inspect each slide for quality and then install fine wood and shell inlays to order.  


  • 33% Lighter then Glass
  • 75% Lighter than Steel
  • 80% Lighter than Brass

Length: 2.515"
Outside Diameter: 1.149"
Inside Diameter: .760 - .832 

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Whiskey Wing Slide

The Whiskey Wing slide is a true work of art. And Magnesium comes recommended over many other types of materials when seeking long term use out of a slide. I purchased two of them for Christmas gifts for this upcoming 2019 Christmas (and got one for myself). Very impressed. It matches perfectly with my Zager 38” Parlor size African Mahogany acoustic electric. They have an almost identical inlay. Great work of art team Thalia!

Love My Thalia Gear

Really enjoy all the products so far! Keep up the great work.

Great Slide

The size is perfect and covers the fret board. And I love the lightweight because I use it on my little finger so much less stress during gigs. I’ve been enjoying your Capo’s for years and look forward to more new products.

What a beautiful Capo!

This really is just a beautiful Capo. It does work extremely well and is durable, so I expect it to last a very long time. Although on the expensive side, I did purchase a particular Taylor that had extras so frankly, the Capo goes perfectly (Hawaiian Koa with Hawaiian Koa). The Slide is also very nice looking...again, Hawaiian Koa, of course!). It seems to work well (I don't play slide much) and is super light...especially for metal. The picks are very nice looking, although I haven't had time to decide how much I'll use them. They gives a very crisp sound to the strings. In fact, I've noticed that each side gives a slightly different sound. Extremely happy with the purchases.

What a Great Capo!

This new capo - Red Angel Wing & AAA Curly Koa magnesium slide - is my favorite now. I've tried lots of others but this one feels as good as it looks!