Rosewood 2.0 Pick Tin

Save The Bees

Rosewood 2.0 Pick Tin

Save The Bees

Includes (6) 2.0 Standard Picks with a Honey Bee UV-Inked onto the picks.

Thalia commits to donate $5 USD for every Save The Bees Pick Tin sold to the Washington State University Bee Research Initiative

See more details in the description below!

# of Picks
Includes (6) 2.0 Standard Picks with a Honey Bee UV-Inked onto the picks.

Thalia commits to donate $5 USD for every Save The Bees Pick Tin sold to the Washington State University Bee Research Initiative

See more details in the description below!

Save the Honeybee Commitment

We owe much to the bees.  Globally there are more honey bees than other types of bee and pollinating insects, so it is the world's most important pollinator of food crops. It is estimated that one third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees, but also by other insects, birds and bats.  We feel like we need to do something and we recently came across an exciting research initiative that is actively solving some of the biggest issues facing honeybees.  So we want to team up with you to help fund this research!  

This particular research group at Washington State University was chosen as it has already proven to make significant strides in solving many of the major health issues affecting Bees.  We are big fans of Paul Stamets, and his approach of using mushrooms and mycelium to solve bee health problems with natural methods.  Please join us in our partnership with Host Defense to Save the Bees!

Thickness Specs

You can order our pick packs in 0.9mm or 1.4mm thicknesses.

Our 0.9mm has a playability that is similar to a Fender Medium, while our 1.4mm would be similar to a Fender Thick, but with a much warmer tone.

Our Pick Technology

Thalia Exotic Wood Picks are crafted by slicing micro-thin layers of exotic wood and then bonding them back together with the woodgrain in a crosshatch pattern. The result is a very thin, flexible and durable wood pick with a warm tone that sounds better with each use. We offer multiple shapes and thicknesses. 

Check out the overview video below for more details:


Our picks are made in the USA of 100% Santos Rosewood. Our 0.9mm picks are made with 2 layers of exotic wood and 1.4mm picks are made with 3 layers of exotic wood.

Durability & Playability

Our picks are made of 100% wood so they will wear down with use. They will not last as long as a plastic pick, but we think that you will love their tone and thinness.

Our thinnest pick, the 0.9mm is flexible and functionally similar to a Fender Medium. As a result these picks will wear out much faster than our thicker 1.4mm picks. These picks are made of two layers of wood that are crosshatched for strength. They are the most fragile of all of our picks. These picks are really made for users who desire flex in their wood pick.  If you are a hard strummer the 0.9mm picks are probably not for you.

Our thicker 1.4mm picks will develop a beveled edge as you play with them and adapt to your picking style. These picks are made of three layers of wood and are far more durable. As a result, they really don't have any flex.

Customer Photo

"The wood style is becoming one of my favorites to get a really acoustic sound from my Taylor Mini." - Alberto P.

Customer Photo

"I'm very impressed with the feel, tone, and the durability of them..." - Bruce E.

Customer Photo

"Nice feel, good articulation, just right." - Randall R.

Customer Reviews

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Craig Wallace
Celtic Pick Tin

The Celtic Pick Tin is a great way of storing picks and it looks fantastic as well. I mostly play without a pick but wanted a convenient way to display and carry guitar picks. This did the trick. I would reccomend the Celtic Pick Tin. Note: it comes in a natural wood condition without polyurethane or orther finish so I finished mine with a hand rubbed polyurethane to avoid it getting dirty.

Ryan Laird
Great feel and tone

I really enjoy these new wooden picks. Very sturdy and not much polishing needed to shape. Yet another great purchase from the Thalia Family

Pick tin sampler

The picks felt pretty good and the sampler I chose had four different shapes of picks in 2 different thickness levels. It was nice to be able to try out the different shapes and get feel for them without having to get 8 of the same pick.

Colin Tse
Love The Picks and Puck

I love the pick puck, it's working perfectly. I wanted one before but opted to wait, then they announced they were taking them off the shelves, so just had to get one.
The picks were beautiful, as always. I've gotten different picks before and they've always been amazing~~~

Jonathan Verhaeghe
Gorgeous Pick Tin not the best picks

The Tin will now serve as my main pick tin and is absolutely gorgeous. The picks work well with my acoustic guitars and are stunning. Nevertheless, they lack a little flexibility to me, other than that great picks and happy to have them and will test and play further with them :)