Limited Edition Endless Knot Engraved Santos Rosewood | Celtic Etched Black Chrome

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Symbology & Meaning

The Celtic Knot has its roots in the artwork of the late Roman Empire in the third and fourth centuries AD, eventually spreading to Ireland and the British Isles by the seventh century.  The unbroken knot symbolizes the unending cycle of being, with the interwoven points representing the interconnection and interdependence of the physical and spiritual aspects of human existence.  Let this unique capo design bring that energy to your music!

We make our Limited Edition Endless Knot Capos by laser engraving the pattern onto Santos Rosewood and then inking the engraving with india ink to bring out the detailed knot pattern.  The Endless Knot capo comes in our Celtic Etched Black Chrome finish, and each includes a matching Endless Knot Thalia Exotic Wood guitar pick!