Celebrity Gift Box 2.0

NOTE:  As of April 11, 2017, all Custom Shop Capos come in this Celebrity Gift Box, so you do not need to buy this if you are personalizing your capo.  We have also upgraded our regular packaging so please check that out before ordering this box.

New and improved, now with two drawers!

If you are giving a Thalia Capo as a gift and want to make it even more impressive then upgrade to our Celebrity Gift Box Packaging. This is the package that we use to give our capos to celebrity artists and for all custom shop orders.  New and improved, it includes two pull out drawers with a specific slot for each of the 14 fretpads included with every capo, with a foil stamped number for each pad. The box itself is made of high end soft touch paper and includes a hidden magnet latch.

NOTE: This is just the gift box and does not include the capo. Capo must be purchased separately.


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