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A Delicious Surprise!!!

I was TRULY impressed with the beautiful supple leather of this strap. Buttery soft and the delicate iridescent Mandala Inlay is enchanting! You will NOT be disappointed with this beautiful work of art!

Brazilian Black Cherry & Mother of Pearl Pickguard 2.0 | Taylor Custom Parts

Thalia Truss Covers…

Simple and subtle elegance to add to your guitar. I have them on my Taylors and Gibsons. The matching Expressions Rings for Taylors are great companion pieces.

Eye Catching

Really enhances the look of my 224ce Koa.

Excellent Addition to my GS Mini Koa Plus

This little accessory is very unique, simple, but extremely worth it. It’s made out of great quality, easy to install, and dramatically enhanced the look for my guitar. I will be installing these on my other Taylor. Highly recommend

Taylor 600 series capo

I ordered the capo in Bass down version but was supplied the standard version. As the inlay was upside down when on the guitar I queried this with Sales Support. They couldn’t have been more helpful and concerned with the error. They swiftly supplied the correct version and I am now delighted with how the wing inlay perfectly complements the Builders Edition 652ce fingerboard.

Taylor 300 series capo

The 300 series capo is a perfect companion for the guitar. However, as I have a Builders Edition 324ce the inlay must be slightly different on this version and the capo doesn’t exactly match. Not a major issue but just a shame!

beautiful design, perfect fret pad

This thalia capo makes me happy. whenever I play the my acoustic I feel so good because my beautiful capo!!

Truss covers are as advertised

they look great. no time to install yet but appear properly configured for installation

Rosewood | Capo
Brennish T.
Beautiful Capo

I love my new Thalia Capo, I am an acoustic engineer and pro musician and I love the details that went into this design. I use an unusual fanned-fret guitar and after a recommendation from another great player; Simon Lace; I decided to try the Thalia because of the interchangeable radiused inserts. While Its taken some time to dial in the inserts, and the clamp-style with the size of the capo means my small hands have trouble moving it, its overall been worth it for the function and form. Thanks!

Santos Rosewood & Pearl Cross | Deluxe Capo

Expression System Rings

I love these. They are a nice, subtle touch on my guitars.
I have also gifted them to friends with Taylors.

Ebony and Koa Bridge pins

Look great and fit in my Taylor with just a little bit of sanding. Very happy with them

Best-est, badder than the Rest-est

So cool. Thank you

Excellent quality and fit

I put this on my Taylor 214CE. It fit perfectly and looks great! All Thalia products have been excellent.

Save the bees capo

It is beautiful ,it works great and it is my favorite capo.

Looks Good!

I love the look, however I was kinda skeptical upon receiving it. They claim it’s made of wood but it does seem like it’s rubber or plastic. It’s supposed to be a layered wood. Also, considering it’s for a Gibson, it would be cool of it came in black. The ebony color is still rather brown when applied to a black Gibson headstock. Still looks good tho.


Great work no flaws

Taylor 716

So glad to have found your products. A nice aesthetic improvement on my Taylor.
The bridge pins are subtle yet add a lot, visually. My only suggestion would be to include a beveled edge on the truss rod cover. I understand that’s probably not cost effective for you. I’m also a woodworker so, I may do that myself.
Again, thank you…..

Perfect capo

I bought two. Fabulous quality and design. Will be back for more.

Santos Rosewood & Pearl Cross

I love the reverse action economics use of this capo. I went with the option of treble side attaching the capo. It’s nice that they offer bass or treble configuration, My guitars vice, my 00 are all 25.4” scale length so the tension is a bit higher. Having the option of using the supplied, softer or higher tension, pads keep everything in tune no issues on any fret with the guitar being taken out of tune. The speed of attaching from one fret to another, even within a song something I’ve never experienced with other capos. With that said, I only care about the performance and practicality of the use of the capo. Having the aesthetic and choice of different woods, symbols and choice of inlay material is pretty cool. Match the fretboard or soundboard material With just about everything they offer.
Bottom line is: ease of use, stays in tune, quick fret change. And that you can put it in the middle of the fret, and still keep it in tune and giving your hands room on the B7 type chords that are harder to fret is awesome.

Red Angel wing

I purchased the "REd Angel Wing" Capo because it's great to play with, and a joy to watch them.
I play guitar for over 50 years now, and I have owned many different capo's,
But this is by far the best capo I have ever owned or used.
and I want to have more than one Thalia capo for every guitar I own.
You know why ?
I 'm in love with my Thalia capo's................
These capo's are both functional and beautiful; they're like jewelry for my guitar !!!!!!
Absolutely the best capo out there !!!!!!!
Excellent construction, beautiful design
and it gives me more freedom than a regular capo.
I highly recommend them, and I hope you will fall in love with these beautiful capo's too.
Greetings from the Netherland......Rob Witter

Unbelievably Beautiful and Incredibly Functional!!!!

Over the years, I’ve purchased multiple Thalia capos; at least one for every guitar I play. Aside from my watch and my wedding ring, I think they are the most beautiful and functional pieces of jewelry that I own (albeit I wear Thalia’s only on my guitars.)
I was originally taken by their beauty, but I now rely on their practicality.

Thank you for making such a beautifully designed staple for guitarists!!!

I prefer this over a diamond

I love Abalone jewelery. My great aunt gave me a conch shell ring when I was really young and I'm afraid to wear it because it's so old. I found Abalone and it was the closest thing I could find that reminded me of her ring. The band is strong and durable, but learned the Abalone is pretty fragile. I've broken a couple of pieces out of the band, but I work in a rugged environment with metal parts so it was partly my fault. The only thing I would recommend to make the ring better is a sealer finish in the band to keep the shell from breaking out. Overall, I'm still very happy with it and love it! People ask me about it all the time and I love talking about it.