Return Policy

We want all of our customers to have the best experience possible with Thalia Capos. To help make the return process as smooth as possible, please refer to the information below, and decide which type of return best suits your needs.


Most customers love our product, but we realize it isn’t for everyone. If you are not satisfied with your Thalia Capo, we offer a full refund within 30 days of the initial purchase.  Store credit is available for returns made within 90 days of the initial purchase. 


If you are not satisfied with the finish and inlay combination on your Thalia Capo, you are free to exchange it for another capo of equal value within 30 days of the initial purchase. 

Warranty Returns

Thalia Capos offers a lifetime mechanical warranty. If your capo is broken, or is otherwise mechanically defective, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Please note that if you bought your capo through a private seller (eBay, Craigslist), you are not eligible for the warranty. 

If you have any questions regarding returns, or our products in general, please contact us at


The Thalia Team