Thalia Capos work great on a Ukulele, but require our XL fretpads which are 2mm taller than our standard guitar fretpads.  Although most Ukuleles have flat or 0" radius fingerboards, there are several major brands that make ukulele's with radiused fretboads.  The good news is that we have you covered either way!  If you are buying the capo for use solely on a Ukulele and do not need the guitar fretpads, then you can add an order note saying that you want the XL fretpads Only and we will send you XL Fretpads instead of the standard guitar fretpads free of charge.  If you want both the guitar fretpads and the XL fretpads, then you should add the XL fretpads as an accessory to your order. uke 



Want it see it in action on a Ukulele?  Check out this great video by Aidan James: