Thalia Guitar Polishing Cloth

We make two types of premium guitar polishing cloths:

DOUBLE VELOUR (Silver) - This is a super-soft, double velour cloth that is softer than microfibre.  It sucks up dirt, wax and anything else with ease; this is perfect for all wood finishes and may be used with guitar cleaners, polishes, waxes or on its own.  This is what we use to finely polish our wood inlays.   

MICROFIBRE SUEDE (Black) - This is a very soft, microfibre suede cloth that is designed to be used without polish.  This is like a thick eyeglass cleaning cloth. You can use it dry or with a small amount of water to polish your guitar, fingerboard and hardware such as tuning pegs.  This is what we use to polish the metal parts of our capos. 

Both cloths measure 15 inches x 15 inches (381mm x 381mm) with an embossed Thalia logo.  (Both work great for all finishes... It just depends on your preference!)


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