Single Fretpad

If you are in need of a single fretpad or want to try out a different fretpad material then you are in the right place.  You can now buy singles of all of our fretpads!  See below for descriptions of our different material options.



Constructed by a proprietary silicone blend that exactly mimics the elasticity of the human finger and works great on 12-string, Baritone, and 6-string guitars. Comes in both standard tension and high tension (2mm thicker) configurations. OctaveTouch Standard Tension Fretpads, work with all 6-strings, while High Tension Fretpads are designed to handle 12-string, Mandolins, Ukuleles & thin necked guitars.   For more information on our all NEW OctaveTouch™ fretpads, please see this blog post:  OctaveTouch™ 


Our Teflon Fretpad’s material attributes are the complete opposite of rubber. While rubber is soft and binding, Teflon is hard and slippery. These characteristics, produce a noticeably more vibrant tone and allow the strings to bend and slide beneath the capo, which help to keep your guitar in tune. This makes teflon act like a finger instead of a nut.  Comes in both standard tension and high tension (2mm thicker) configurations. Teflon Standard Tension Fretpads, work with all 6-strings, while High Tension Fretpads are designed to handle Mandolins, Ukuleles & thin necked guitars. * Not to be used with 12-strings or Baritone guitars.


Our Rubber Fretpads are harder than our OctaveTouch fretpads but are still soft enough to bind the strings to the fret, keeping them from moving beneath the capo.    This makes them act like a nut.  Traditional capos have always used rubber due to its conforming characteristics. Every Thalia Capo comes with a set of our Standard & High Tension Rubber Fretpads.

Partial esus

These rubber fretpads convert any 200 series Thalia Capo into a Esus Partial Capo. When the capo is installed from the treble side (bottom) of the neck, strings 2-3-4 or 1-2-3 will be fretted.  When installed from the bass side (top) of the neck, strings 3-4-5 or 4-5-6 can be fretted.  These are very useful with alternate tunings.

Customer Reviews

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Fret pad

Extra fret pad

High Tension Silicone Fretpad

Had a strange problem with the standard High tension pad on my 12 string. Outside strings would go sharp for some reason. One call to customer service solved the issue by sending me the new silicone fretpad. Outstanding service for an outstanding product.

Teflon Fretpad Brightens Tone

Like everything I've received from Thalia, the Teflon fret pad works exactly as advertised. The tone of my six-string acoustic is noticeably brighter compared with the standard rubber fretpad. As a side benefit, the slippery surface allows me to tune the guitar by ear with the capo on. My ears (your ears may differ) can pick up dissonance more easily in the 4th or 5th fret range. I can tune the guitar with the capo there, and it's in perfect tune at any position, with or without the capo. Swapping out fret pads takes about 2 seconds, but I'll probably buy another capo to keep it in, as it's a good excuse to buy another beautiful Thalia capo!

Single fret pad

Thalia Capos provided me with a single 14” fretpad for my guitar. Now my guitar stays in tune when I use thier beautiful capo. I highly recommend these Capos. I have two. They are easy to move up and down the neck. The people there have great customer service too.

OctaveTouch Fretpad

I recently received your OctaveTouch O-ST-15 fretpad. This has made a world of difference to the accuracy of the pitch of my guitars. I typically tune my Taylor 414 to Eb to fit my vocal range, but using the standard fretpads would cause the instrument to play too sharp because of the pressure on the strings. The softer rubber seemed to solve the problem. My only issue is for use on my Taylor 458e 12 string, there is not enough pressure on the first fret to get clear notes across all 12 strings, especially small E (bass) string. Maybe if you made a fretpad two or 3 mm taller as on your high tension fretpads, that may be the solution. Bottom line? Great product!! Thank you, JBB

Hi James, Glad to hear that the standard tension OctaveTouch works great on your 6-string! We do in fact make the OctaveTouch fretpads in High Tension (2mm taller)! This should solve the issue on your 12r as the standard tension will not work on a 12 string. I just popped one in the mail for you! So let us know how it works out on your 12 string!