200 Series High Tension (XL) Rubber Tuning Kit (7-Piece) -- For 12-Strings, Ukuleles, Mandolins & Thin Neck Guitars)

PLEASE READ:  These rubber fretpads are 2mm taller than our standard tension rubber fretpads.

These High Tension (XL) fretpads provide extra tension for 12-string guitars & guitars that need extra tension due to having thinner than average necks, compound fretboard radii or other reasons.  If you have a low profile neck you most likely will need these fretpads. 

These fretpads are also recommended for use with Ukuleles, Banjos and Mandolins. 

These fretpads only fit our 200 series capos.  Comes in a magnetic closure box with an instructional booklet.  Includes 7 different fretpads with the following radii: 0" for Classical, 7.25". 9.5", 10", 12", 15" & 16".