Thalia Capos work great on Bouzoukis too! Here is a recent 5-star review and pictures from (Thalia Customer) Daniel Vance... Thanks Daniel!

"Ordered a new Thalia Capo for my bouzouki. I was worried that it being a bouzouki, with the double courses, mixed with my desire to be able to use the capo along the length of the neck (I use it at the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 12th regularly), and the need to able to change capo position mid tune set, that this would not work out. That being said, I was totally thrilled with the purchase. The Thalia Capo worked flawlessly and met every one of my needs. With the interchangeable pad system, I was able to find a setup that worked perfectly with my instrument and kept the intonation regardless of position on the neck. Additionally the capo itself is meticulously crafted and incredibly easy to move one handed."