14" Specialty Tuning Kit (5-piece)

This tuning kit is specifically designed for guitars with a 14" radius fretboard, including brands such as McPherson, Bourgeois, CA, Santa Cruz, etc. This set includes 5 different fretpads all with a 14" radius: Standard Tension Rubber, High Tension Rubber, Standard Tension Teflon, High Tension Teflon, and a partial that can be used to fret 1-2-3, 2-3-4, 3-4-5, or 4-5-6.

These fretpads only fit our 200 series capos. Comes in a magnetic closure box with an instructional booklet.


Customer Reviews

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As Advertised.

I needed the 14" radius for my Carvin California Carved Top. It fit the capo and guitar as advertised.

Accessories of the Best Capo

I have always been very happy with the Thalia Capos I have bought for my Ovation and DnD steel- string guitars. My Thalia Capo accessories needed new insets for my Steinberger Spirit which has a fretboard radius of 14". These are perfect for the Spirit! They fit well with no string buzz when using them.

McPherson Guitar Sounds Great with the 14" Capo Kit.

I recently purchased the 14" Tuning kit for my Thalia capos. The 14" is not included in the standard selection of radii that comes with a Thalia capo. As with my other capo setup, the 14" works wonderfully on my McPherson guitar. I regularly use the capo at frets 4 and 5 and have no issues with tune or intonation. The kit also includes a 3-string partial capo insert for special tunings, but I have not had a chance to use it.
I am very pleased with this purchase.

Fills the Bill!

Needed a 14" Tuning Kit and it did exactly what was needed. Plus there were more fret pads than needed so I can experiment. While I don't really need the others at this point, I now have them for this particular guitar and potential future exploration. While there may be room for a reduced package of just the item needed, I get the opportunity to put together a "kit" for efficiency and economics. I'm happy with the 14" kit on top of being very happy with Thalia Capos overall (3x plus a gift to a family guitar pro.)

Nice but...

I have a Martin custom shop drednought with a performing artist neck and while the capo works well when on the neck, it’s hard to get on and off, and no place to set on neck. Maybe work on making it easier to open, and come out with some innovative cut capos. The Teflon is the way to go, and no need to send all those pads if they don’t fit the guitar. How about instead having the option to order say for a Martin or Taylor or whatever acoustic and include just the pads ( Teflon and rubber) for that particular guitar. Overall nice.