Celtic Knot Whiskey Flask

Celtic Knot Whiskey Flask

This whiskey flask features a beautiful AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa Tree of Life Inlay.

This whiskey flask features a beautiful AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa Tree of Life Inlay.

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Peter S.S.
The Best Customer Service

My original order for the pick pucks and the shamrock flask was somehow lost during shipping, however, I was lucky enough to have had your kind and professional support manager, Gareth Ewing, to help me with the lost order. In short, I received a replacement order in a timely fashion and I was extremely pleased with Gareth Ewinings' consideration and his the time he spent working on my order. The pick pucks are just awesome and the shamrock flask is beautiful. Its always a pleasure dealing with Thalia.
Pete Schultz

Kieron K.
Thalia Shamrock & Celtic Knot Whiskey Flask

Sometimes, every now and then, a man just needs a nip of good whiskey. My shiny new Thalia "Shamrock & Celtic Knot" flask is perfect for easy and concealable transport and consumption of my to to Irish whiskies John Jameson Redbreast or Bushmills 10. Works equally well for Bourbon, Scotch and Rye.
Thank you Thalia.
Slainte one and all!
Kieron Keady
Huntington Beach CA

Frank C.
Great little flask.

You say, a flask is a flask - true. But I get compliments on this one.

A Cel-tic of approval

The flasks arrived in great time (I’m a long way away) and are absolutely awesome. The size, finish and insets are perfect, and the seals are tight. Couldn’t have dreamed of better, Thank-you.

Ted G.
Great gift

My first purchase of the flask was for a gift. That person absolutely loved the flask. I bought one for myself to use after a round of golf. One of my friends that I golf with saw it and loved it so that became my third purchase. Perfectly made and just the right size.