Sean McKee

Sean McKee is an EMMY nominated composer and multi-instrumentalist. In 2016 he was signed to the Favored Nations label by Steve Vai, where he released the single "Air Traffic Control" that he wrote with Frank Zappa's longest serving member Ike Willis on vocals, under the band name ZAP. Click here to see the music video. His current project is with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, singer/songwriter Jon Anderson from YES. Together they are writing an ambitous, exotic and surreal double concept album featuring instrumentation from around the world, as well as a virtual reality visual interactive companion. The album features guest appeances from notable artists from a variety of genres.

McKee also owned a business in Hollywood, creating image processing technologies used daily on feature films, and worked with every movie studio, the Academy, many A-list directors and top music artists. He is a published inventor, and has been interviewed numerous times on TV, radio and in magazines to discuss his technology projects. He has also directed and produced several concert films and music videos.