Standard Tension Tuning Kit (7-piece)


Standard Tension Tuning Kit (7-piece)


PLEASE READ: This tuning kit is no longer included with every capo, so you need to buy this if you want to try our Teflon fretpads.  Click here for an overview of the pros and cons of teflon vs. rubber.

This set includes 7 different teflon fretpads with the following radii:  0" for Classical, 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 15" & 16".  These fretpads only fit our 200 series capos. Comes in a magnetic closure box with an instructional booklet. (FYI -- 14" & 20" teflon fretpads are available as part of the14" specialty kit and the20" specialty kit)

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Customer Reviews

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Experimenting with tones!

If you want to experiment on different tones create by different materials of the fret pads, the Teflon option is good for you. It creates a brighter, more transparent, crispy tone than the standard rubber. Both materials work very well, it really depends on your taste. Different pieces may work better with a different fret pad! Keep trying!

Better than sex ... at least better than sex with me (Teflon upgrade)

Just before Xmas, I bought 2 Thalia capos (one was a present) ... both Blue Abalone w the black finish, as well as the Teflon tuning kit upgrade for both. Both capos were so gorgeous I had to spend days agonizing over which one to give away. The Teflon upgrade does improve the sound (at least on my friend's & my guitars): clearer tone, sweeter, slightly more volume. Every guitar is different, tho, so for some the standard rubber might be the ticket.

Sturdy and Beautiful

I use on a Taylor 912 and Yamaha LS36, it works beautifully with no incident to date. These are small works of arts, the baskets stay flush on the strings with no movement. Nice Capo, that is something I would recommend.

tuning kit

I have 4 brands or styles of guitar necks which require a different tension inserts and so far they work perfectly with the new capo, no buzz or dead strings. Thanks again

Thalia Capo

The quality of the materials are very good.