8-String Baritone

The Thalia Capo is unique because you can swap out the fretpads to get a perfect fit on your guitar.  For 8-string baritone guitars we recommend the use of our XL Rubber fretpads, which are 2mm taller than the fretpads that come with every Thalia Capo.  This extra height increases tension to ensure that the octave strings on your guitar are fretted perfectly.  If you are buying the capo for use solely on an 8-string and do not need the 6-string guitar fretpads, then you can add an order note saying that you want the XL fretpads Only and we will send you XL Fretpads instead of the standard guitar fretpads free of charge.  If you want both, then you should add the XL fretpads as an accessory to your order.  Our XL fretpads include all 7 radii and are sold as an accessory here.

baritone 8 string