Wall Hangers

We are currently developing a line of Wall Hangers. They are not available for sale yet, but they will be soon with support from our community! We are currently raising money via a crowdfunding campaign so that we can bring these new wall hangers to market.  Please help us by investing at startengine.com/thalia

Historically, wall hangers have been another area of disappointment for me.  Do I really have to hang my $4,000 guitar or a $12 hanger with exposed drywall screws?

Maybe I am a design freak, but come on this is my baby and the most expensive piece of art in my house.  I want something that complements it and cradles it and makes sure it is well protected.  

So here is the Thalia Wall Hanger.  It is built on a turn table mechanism so that it is self-leveling even for my asymmetric Telecaster headstock.  There are no exposed fasteners, it is beautiful, and we employ felt for for those areas that come in contact with the Nitrocellulose finish on my guitars.  I've read too many horror stories on the Acoustic Guitar Forum to trust anything else. Thalia Wall Hangers can also be customized with a name, the brand, a favorite design, matching wood, or inlay pattern.  And it looks great when you are playing the guitar too!