High Tension (7-piece kit)


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This tuning kit set includes 7 different High Tension OctaveTouch fretpads with the following radii:  0" for Classical, 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 15" & 16".  

High Tension means that they are 2mm taller than our Standard Tension fretpads.  

These fretpads only fit our 200 series capos (the ones currently sold on our site.)

Comes in a microfiber bag with an instructional booklet.   Capo not included.

For more information on OctaveTouch fretpads see this blog post

OctaveTouch Fretpads

Constructed by a proprietary silicone blend that exactly mimics the elasticity of the human finger and works great on 12-string, Baritone, and 6-string guitars. Comes in both standard tension and high tension (2mm thicker) configurations. OctaveTouch Standard Tension Fretpads, work with all 6-strings, while High Tension Fretpads are designed to handle 12-string, Mandolins, Ukuleles & thin necked guitars.   For more information on our all NEW OctaveTouch™ fretpads, please see this blog post:  OctaveTouch™ 

Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality, in-tune fretpads for 12 string & baritone guitars

I'm an owner of two Thalia capos and I use a variety of guitars. Knowing I can freely use a capo while staying in-tune regardless of the setup is a load off for playing live and recording. Plus they look exquisite on certain finishes.
The ownly downside to the newer pads is that the radius is only in the bottom of the pad, not on the end as well as it used to. Made checking radius a whole lot faster though it still isn't difficult!

12 String Ocave touch

Fantastic product. Works wonderfully well. Amazing. I would recommend this product to anyone who plays a 12 sting guitar.

Finally a True Capo Solution for 12-Strings!

Like many 12-string guitar owners, I keep mine tuned down a step to reduce tension on the bridge, top, and neck. I tried a couple of capos that were supposedly "made especially for 23-strings," but they didn't work any better that a standard off-the-shelf cheapo - which is to say not well at all. They all left several strings dead or muted and threw the tuning off completely - loads of fun with 12 strings! In addition, one of them required such high clamping tension that I was afraid it would dent the neck over time. Thalia to the rescue! The Thalia capo equipped with the OctaveTouch High Tension fretpad works perfectly All 12 strings are loud and clear and stay in tune as far up the neck as I feel like moving the capo. Also, the tension on the back of the neck is not too high, since the OctaveTouch pad works by conforming to the strings like a finger, NOT by just squeezing harder. The icing on the cake is that Thalia customer service spent time with me to match my guitar inlay as closely as possible, even though I didn't order a "custom" capo. Functionality, beauty, craftsmanship, AND great customer service! I don't mean to sound like an ad, but I'm very happy with the experience I've had with Thalia. If you have a 12-string, definitely get the OctaveTouch High Tension kit, maybe regular tension if you have a thicker neck on a vintage guitar.

This capo is a must for every guitarist

Absolutely the greatest capo ever made, the Octave Touch - High Tension fret pads fit perfect on all my guitars with very very little tweak tuning when moved to a different fret. What a joy this capo is, been telling others about it. Get one.


great sound from every string at any fret, thanx