Shape T13 - Fits Many PRS Guitars

Custom Truss Rod Cover

Shape T13 - Fits Many PRS Guitars

Custom Truss Rod Cover

Get a Custom Truss Rod Cover for your PRS Guitar.

Please download and print the attached sheet to ensure that you select the correct size for your guitar.


All of our Truss Rod Covers consist of a finished top layer (Black Ebony, Santos Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, AAA Curly Koa, or Purpleheart) with two base layers of Santos Rosewood.  We use this layered construction on a base of Santos Rosewood for enhanced durability.

Wood Species
Black Ebony
Santos Rosewood
Indian Rosewood
AAA Curly Koa


With a range of symbols and inlays, we have the perfect truss rod to accent your guitar.


We make our Truss Rods out of multiple layers of wood, cross hatching layers of veneer to make them stronger.


Here is an in depth look into how our truss rods are built.

Customer Reviews

Based on 430 reviews
Guild D-55 Natural MOP/Abalone Custom Truss Rod Cover

I was looking for a capo that would compliment my newly purchased Guild D-55. I ran across the Thalia website and found one that will match my guitar and pulled the trigger on it! After looking around a little more I saw all the beautiful truss rod covers you can choose from. However, I wanted one that would compliment the guitar just as the capo will. I saw where you could design your own and send the sketch via email. I decided to go with the MOP cover, abalone inset and an ebony border. This design was consistent with the block MOP and abalone wedges on the fretboard. I sent my design to Andrew and the next day he sent a color rendering that was exactly what I wanted! It only took about a week and a half for me to receive the finished product and it’s gorgeous!! And, the strings on the tuning head match the angle of the abalone which makes a nice touch! I am 110% pleased with how this all turned out. Andrew, your the best and thanks to Thalia!! BTW, the cover is a perfect fit. Took me about 5 minutes to install.

Killer product

Really high quality, hand-made stuff. Sets off the aesthetic for my sg

Alvarez 5054 Custom truss rod cover

Bought this guitar in 1976, a month of pay checks and ran out of gas on the way home from the store.... My Dad was not impressed. This has traveled around the world, help my kids fall to sleep and serenaded my wife of almost 30 years. A few years ago, it was fully worked as a gift from my daughter, now it bears her name. A custom shape was a perfect fit and matches the mother of pearl. Andrew’s help was instrumental on getting this done perfectly. Thanks Thalia!

Custom Look

The Taylor Rod Cover I selected looks great and really gives my 414ce a custom look. Decided to match the fret board for contrast. Very happy with my purchase.
Thanks Thalia!

Banjola Bee Cover

I wrote earlier but didn't have any pics. Excellent product - it really added to the look of the banjola