Yvette Young

 "Yvette Young was raised in a classical music household. She started piano at age 4 and violin at age 7, eventually competing in international piano competitions and touring with 2 different orchestras. Through her classical music experience, she taught herself how to play the acoustic guitar and eventually tackled the world of electric guitar. In her spare time, Yvette takes care of birds, teaches art to kids, and also produces drawings and paintings of her own and paints custom guitars for clients. Yvette takes most of her compositional inspiration from nature and also loves to explore the theme of music as medicine and self-empowerment. Her two-handed tapping/finger picked playing style has been described as “reminiscent of playing the piano”, which makes sense with her classical upbringing. Her solo acoustic project consists of her singing and playing, but she also plays in a touring progressive post-rock band called Covet which is primarily instrumental.”