PARTIAL Rubber Tuning Kit (6-piece)


PARTIAL Rubber Tuning Kit (6-piece)


These rubber fretpads convert any 200 series Thalia Capo into a Partial Capo.  When applied from the treble side of the neck, these fretpads will cover strings 2-3-4 and when applied from the bass side of the neck these fretpads will cover strings 3-4-5; you can also position to cover 1-2-3 or 4-5-6. This set includes 6 different partials with the following radii: 7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 15" & 16".

These fretpads only fit our 200 series capos. Comes in a magnetic closure box with an instructional booklet. (FYI -- 14" & 20" partials are available separately as part of the 14" and 20" specialty kits)

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Customer Reviews

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The Bomb!

I have more than one capo but given how beautiful this one was and the possibility I could use alternate tunings just by use of a second capo across selected strings well - let’s rock it!
I was not disappointed!! Well built, great design and beautiful. It works just as advertised and I play with alternate tunings now easily and simply. Perhaps this technique or trick is new to me but I don’t change guitars now as often while playing. Delightful.

Fantastic Capo

This is my second Thalia capo. I've had my first for over a year now and I have to say it's a fantastic product.

I purchased this second capo after reading about partial capos on Thalia's website. I often play in open tunings so purchasing another capo along with the partial fretpad tuning kit seemed like a useful tool to me. Now I can play some of my favorite songs in DADGAD or DGDGBD without physically retuning my guitar strings from EADGBD. I just throw my original Thalia capo on the 1st fret and the newly purchased Thalia capo with the partial fret pad on the third fret either from the top or the bottom depending on the tuning I want. Playing with two capos at once, it's a game changer.

Now about the capo. I purchased the Indian Rosewood with black brushed chrome finish. It really looks terrific. It has a sophisticated and understated appearance. It's also a lot less likely to pick-up fingerprints than the polished chrome "mirror" finish.

The Thalia capo is a little heavier than other capos I've used. But heavy in a good way. It feels substantial, and high-quailty. One thing to note is that the lever that you push down to engage or move the capo has some strong tension to it. At first it may seen that your left hand isn't strong enough to comfortably press down the lever on the capo. But after using it daily your left hand thumb and forefinger strength builds up and you'll find that it becomes very easy to put the capo on, take it off, and move the capo up and down the fretboard.

But ultimately the product needs to work as promised. I have to say that I think that the capo does a superb job of keeping all of the the strings in tune when being applied to any fret on my guitar.

The capo arrived packaged nicely with a really nice plastic case that holds the capo and fret pads. It also came with a polishing cloth and a small drawstring bag for the capo.

I would highly recommend this product

Money and time saver

I have a pair of Thalia capos, one of them with this PARTIAL Rubber Tuning Kit, and it's a time saver for practice DADGAD without retuning the guitar. I mostly use it on an acoustic tuned a whole tone down so it sounds real DADGAD.

Partial capo insert

I have two of your capos and use them often, but had been using a G7 partial capo. Happy to now have your partial capo insert. Works and looks great!


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