Three New Inlays That Will Make You Drool

January 16, 2018


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NEW Capo Gift Box



 Chris Bradley, Thalia Capos co-founder & CEO, explains why the Thalia Capo is Functionally Better than other Capos




This new shell inlay which has rich deep whiskey brown to almost orangish tones is made from select Angel Wing shell.  We think you will find it as smooth as a glass of Tennessee Whiskey and will no doubt inspire great tone.

Black Ebony

This premium grade ebony has been selected for its natural rich and very dark black coloring.  While it is mostly black, there is some subtle grey banding running through it. It is then finished with a nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat just like the finish on fine guitars.

Black Ebony


Black Ebony Inked

This premium grade ebony Inlay has been selected for its rich dark coloring and then dyed completely black with India Ink and finished with a matte fretboard oil. This is the same technique used by luthiers such as Martin and Taylor to make their fingerboards completely black.  If you want a capo that matches your black ebony fretboard, then this is it!

Black Ebony Inked