Introduction of Three Koa Colors!

June 24, 2019 1 min read

Introduction of Three Koa Colors!

I am excited today to announce 3 New Stained Colors of our very popular AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa capos.  There are several reasons why we are making this move.  

First, I love Curly Hawaiian Koa.  Its natural color can range from golden yellow to dark chocolate in color.  It can also get so figured, curly and beautiful that it can blow your mind with its beauty.  I fell in love with Koa the first time I went to Hawaii and have been obsessed with it ever since.  Of all the capos we ship, I think our Curly Koa is our prettiest wood.

Second, I want to offer colors that closely match other hardwoods so that more people will consider choosing Koa for sustainability reasons.  As I mentioned, in a previous post, we have a Hawaiian Koa Reforestation Commitment as it relates to Hawaiian Koa and thus we can ensure its sustainability and regrowth.  As a result, we are working to drive as much business to our Hawaiian Koa products as possible.

To make these gorgeous finishes we start with a very light colored AAA curly koa with intense figuring and stain it in three gorgeous custom colors: Vintage Blonde, Kentucky Bourbon & Kona Coffee.  Here is the result:

Our Vintage Blonde is a great match for maples and other vintage yellow finishes.

Our Kentucky Bourbon is a rich reddish brown that matches well with Brazilian Rosewood, Santos Rosewood and other reddish brown woods.

And our Kona Coffee color is a great match for Indian Rosewood, Ebony and other dark woods. The curl comes through even in this darker color and adds a rich depth that is just stunning.

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