Peter Asher: The Man, The Myth & The Legend Advises Thalia

September 24, 2019 3 min read

Peter Asher: The Man, The Myth & The Legend Advises Thalia

I wanted to share some more info on our relationship with our key advisor Peter Asher.

I had the honor of spending the day with Peter this past Sunday.  Peter is a legend and visionary who has managed to reach the top of the game in every field of music imaginable.  He is a bonafide rockstar singer & guitar player, as half of the 60's duo Peter & Gordon, he once headed A&R for the Beatles' Apple Records where he also worked with each of the Beatles on their solo efforts, discovered and managed James Taylor & Linda Ronstadt among many others.  He has also produced many of the greatest albums of all time including 17 grammy-winning recordings.  In his spare time, he produces songs for Hollywood blockbusters, has a weekly series on the Beatles Channel on Sirius radio, is an author of several books and regularly tours separately with both Albert Lee and Jeremy Clyde along with serving on the Grammys Board of Governors.  It would take an entire book to make mention of even his minor accomplishments.  Did I mention that he is also a Commander of the British Empire?  So the fact, that he takes time to advise us is simply mind blowing to me.  You can find Peter's full biography here.

So first, how did we come to get such a visionary to help us in our quest for guitar accessory world domination?  Here is the backstory on that... Unbeknownst to me, Peter has been a long-time customer and fan of Thalia Capos, buying many of our capos over the years. Earlier this year, Peter had reached out to me after I had posted some James Taylor quotes in a blog post and added a comment at the very bottom that said if anyone could help us get a capo to James Taylor to please let me know.  

Well you can imagine my SURPRISE when I received a response back from Peter.  One, to think that Peter was reading my blog, (OMG are you freaking kidding me?), and Two that he was a big fan of our capos...  Yes, that was a very exciting day :)  And it was also the start of a relationship that ultimately led to Peter joining our team as our key advisor.  

Peter's counsel is invaluable and already we are working on several new products and improvements with Peter's sage feedback.   Peter is also helping us to spread the word and to get our products into the hands of other key influencers.   We hatched some exciting ideas this past Sunday that  we are keeping under wraps for now but stay tuned as we drive forward with Peter's counsel.

Peter also pulled our some amazing guitars to play, including his favorite guitar, a Gibson J-200 given to him by Gibson in 1965, and a custom built Gibson J-185 12-string.  Apparently, we both have a thing for big body Gibsons... I have a Gibson SJ-200 that looks very similar to his 1965 J-200.  However, the tone and bass response on his J-200 was simply unbelievable.  Wow!  Peter said that he had used this guitar on dozens of recordings over the years including on countless Linda Ronstadt albums.  Thank you Peter for all of your help and counsel!  We are truly blessed to work with you!

Want to join Peter as an investor in our company and help us make amazing new products for guitar players?  We are currently offering amazing incentives for investors including the ability to buy Thalia products for 50% OFF for life.  Learn more here

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