Today, we are making some big changes to our packaging and the items included with every capo.  These changes will help us dramatically improve customer satisfaction and will allow us to more easily expand into retail. This change will no doubt delight some of our fans and possibly frustrate others, but rest assured we have thought long and hard about these changes and feel that they are necessary.  

Here are the changes that we are making:

1. Switch to All Rubber Fretpads included with Every Capo

Starting today, we will now include our high tension rubber XL fretpads along with our standard tension rubber fretpads with every capo. This will ensure that our capos will work perfectly on every guitar, ukulele and 12-string right out of the box without the the need to purchase our accessory XL rubber tuning kit.  This change also means that we are discontinuing the inclusion of our Teflon fretpads with every capo.   Don't worry!  Our Teflon fretpads are not going away, but instead will be available as an accessory. Additionally, we are now also offering high-tension teflon fretpads which are 2mm taller than our standard tension fretpads!  

Here is is the reason for this change:  

Many users need our higher tension XL rubber fretpads in order for the capo to work properly on their guitars; however most do not know this initially and so we must send them the higher tension fretpads after the fact to solve the issue.  This change will eliminate this issue and ensure that all users have a great experience right out of the box.  The downside to this change, is that a lot of people really do love the teflon and they will now have to buy it separately.  While we love the Teflon fretpad material, it has proved to be extremely polarizing.  People either violently love it or hate it.  We certainly hope that you give it a try, but we will no longer be including it in the box!

2.) Switch to New Retail Packaging

We are in the process of bringing on select dealers worldwide to extend our reach and availability.  As a result we have decided to unify our packaging so that the product you see in retail will look identical to the product that you buy from us direct.  So we have changed all of our packaging as of April 11 to this new retail ready format.  This change certainly improves the overall experience and gift readiness of our products.  We hope you like it!  With this change we are also making a change to the way we package our custom shop personalized capos.  Custom Shop capos will now come packaged in our celebrity gift box, which has two drawers and a specific slot for each of the fretpads.  

New Standard Retail Packaging:

New Custom Shop Packaging:

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to deliver the best experience possible to you!

Chris, Thalia & Team 

Well the weather has turned around in California and we are able to paint again and get produce some beautiful finishes... Tobaccoburst and Sunburst are now back in stock! Thank you for being patient while we sorted that out!

We have been developing a number of new tuning kits and we are happy to announce that we are now shipping them!  We have developed two specialty kits:  14" & 20" which each include all of our various fretpads in their respective radii.  Although these two radii are rare in the guitar world, we know that there are many of you out there with McPhersons, Rainsongs and others that have wanted to get a perfect match for your guitar!  With these additions we now offer all radii used by guitar manufacturers.  

We are also excited to announce that we have released an XL or high tension version of our very popular tuning kit.  For those of you who could never get a good sound with teflon, due to a low profile neck, these new High Tension Teflon (XL) fretpads are just what you have been waiting for! 

We now have plenty of partial tuning kits available!  They also now come in a really cool magnetic closure package...  Pictures will be added later today!

We sold a lot more partial tuning kits that we expected and are currently sold out.  We do have more coming soon.  We expect that they should be back in stock by early March.  

Due to many requests from our customers, we are now offering Celtic Knot laser etching on the metal parts of any capo on our site as an upgrade for +$10 USD. There is now a checkbox on the product page to select this upgrade. Please allow 2-3 days extra for this service. 

For those of you who have been waiting for partial fretpads... the day has come.  We are excited to launch our 200 series partial fretpad kit.  These new rubber fretpads convert any 200 series Thalia Capo into a Partial Capo.  When applied from the treble side of the neck, these fretpads will cover strings 2-3-4 and when applied from the bass side of the neck these fretpads will cover strings 3-4-5.  This set includes 6 different partial fretpads with the following radii:  7.25", 9.5", 10", 12", 15" & 16".  This ensures that even your partial matches the fretboard radius of your specific guitar.  These fretpads only fit our 200 series capos. Each kit comes with a microfiber bag and instructional booklet.

12-strings are a mixed bag...  For awhile, we had a lot of happy 12-string users and many that were not so happy.  First things first, we have a money back guarantee so you can always return our capos for a full refund if it is not working out for you.  That said, we have been working hard to make improvements so that our capos work well on ALL 12 strings.  When we started getting reports of issues, we went out and tested a bunch of 12'ers until we found some that consistently didn't work well with our capos. In fact, I bought a Taylor GA3-12 that seemed to hate our capos and then got to work figuring out a solution with that guitar as my guinea pig.  

After a lot of testing, we designed a new set of XL rubber fretpads (that should start shipping on 9/14) that are 2mm taller.  The result is higher tension.  This new set of XL fretpads solved the issue on my Taylor GA3-12 and on all of the 12'ers at my local Guitar Center too.  While we were waiting for the new fretpads to come in, we sent out a few that we had from the pilot run and so far we have had good results.  

However, the other day, I tried one of these new XL fretpad setups on an Ovation 12 string with heavy gauge strings and it did not have enough tension.  Almost, but just not enough.  So I then tested that capo and found that it was at the lower end of our acceptable spring tension range.   I then tried one at the upper end and it worked perfectly.  So the net net, is that I believe that this new solution coming out will solve the issue for the vast majority of 12-strings but probably not all.  For some, we will need to provide capos with more tension.  

With this in mind, we are working now on a HT (high tension) version of our capo for players that simply need more tension.  We are currently working on determining the exact amount of extra spring force that we will add to this HT version. We want to add enough but not too much.  

In the meantime, we suggest that if you are only intending to use our capos for a 12-string that you wait for this new version to be released.  For those of you who already purchased your capo specifically for a 12-string and have not been able to get it to work properly, you have three choices:

1) you can return your capo for a refund now and decide if you want to buy one again later when we figure it out

2) you can request a set of complimentary XL fretpads to be sent to you to try out (should become available to ship on 9/14)

3) you can request to have a capo with higher spring tension sent to you to try out (should be available to ship by 10/17)

Thanks for your support as we work to create a better 12-string capo. 

Please contact if you would like to do one of these options.



Yesterday, we rolled out new website functionality so that you can see in real time what our custom shop capos will look like prior to purchasing.  This will help you pick the best combinations of inlay materials.  This functionality is still in Beta so if you do have any issues with the way that it renders, don't worry, we will still be sending out proofs as part of our process so that you will see what it looks like prior to fabrication!  Thanks to everyone for you support while we fine tune this new functionality!

Today, we decided to make a change and will now include both Rubber & Teflon tuning kits with every capo.  Previously, we were selling the rubber tuning kits as an accessory for $10.  While this decision will certainly come at a cost to us, we have decided that we really want all of our customers to be able to try out both options and choose which option is best for their playing style.  We debated making it a choice, but decided that that decision would mean that most people would never actually get to try both.  

We hope that everyone sees this decision as a positive step in us trying to make the best capo that is truly adaptable to the playing styles of a wide range of players.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Chris, Thalia & Team