Italian Leather Strap

AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa & Pearl Bee & Honeycomb Inlay

Made of Premium Italian Leather, our signature 2.5" wide straps include an integrated exotic wood inlay.  This beautiful strap includes a AAA Curly Hawaiian Koa inlay with Mother of Pearl Bee & Honeycomb inlay.

Tailpiece Hole Diameter


Width: 2.5 inches (63.5mm)
Maximum Length: 54 inches (1,372mm)

Tailpiece Hole Diameter

Hole Options

We offer two hole sizes in our tailpieces: Standard or Oversized. Choose Oversized if you have an acoustic/electric with an end-pin pickup jack, otherwise choose Standard.


Here is how it looks installed.  On the left, you can see a strap with Oversized holes attached to an acoustic/electric with an end-pin pickup jack, on the right is the Standard tailpiece.


Sometimes video is worth a thousand pictures.  In this short video, Chris explores the strap's integrated inlays, the leather grain, softness, quality and tailpiece hole diameter options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
High Quality Comfortable Strap

This is a high quality strap made from soft, quality leather that is soft and comfortable. The width is just right to distribute the weight of the instrument to allow playing standing up for hours. The ebony part with the cross inlay is very well done and is attractive. The only that wasn't perfect for me was the length of the tail piece was a little too long for me, so even at the shortest setting, it put the guitar a few inches lower than my preferred height, but still doable. Plus when I mentioned this in a feedback, Chris from Thalia Capos contacted me back immediately and informed me that they were going to be trying out different length tails. So this is a high quality item made by a company that cares about their products and customers. Highly recommended.

Well worth it for this premium strap

I love the guitar strap that's well worth the price, especially when compared to prices of other leather straps. It is a quality strap made with supple leather, a beautiful inlay and the right-sized holes to accommodate the pins on my acoustic guitar. It is comfortable to wear and looks stunning! The only suggestion I would have is to re-position the beautiful inlay piece so that is is more easily seen and fetured prominently on the strap. Note that this is NOT a problem or an issue; it's just a personal preference. This is just another quality and unique product from a great company. (And, by the way, Thalia capos are outstanding as well!) Thanks Thalia!

Thalia Guitar Straps

Finally a strap that fits over the end pin jack on my Taylor guitar!!! Not only fits but is beautiful and well made!! I love this strap and will be buying a few more for my other Taylor’s. Well done Thalia!! Another great product from a company that continues to make outstanding products!!

Italian Leather Strap with Pearl Cross Inlay is super comfortable and a great look!

My new Thalia Black Ebony Italian leather guitar strap with Pearl Cross inlay is beautiful and super comfortable. Thalia provides great quality and a superior product!

Favorite Thalia accessory to date

This guitar strap is just... SO COOL. The star inlay is such a unique look that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s beautiful. Not only that, it’s clearly super high quality. Everything about this is superb. The leather is so soft and comfortable, and it’s cut very well. The inlay is IMMACULATELY crafted. the ebony sits on top of the mother of pearl to create this awesome 3D effect to the design. So clever.
I also got one of the engraved celtic cross straps In koa for a friend to go with his koa Taylor. It’s pretty epic how perfectly it fit with his guitar, and he agreed that it is a really fantastic strap compared to most on the market. Especially for the price! You’ll do well to get one of these. Or two. Or three. One for every guitar you own really. That’s what I’ll probably end up doing.